WWE Raw Results (4/19) – T-Bar and Mace Defeated Braun Strowman and Drew McIntyre by Disqualification after McIntyre ripped off Mace’s Mask and Beat Him With It

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WWE Raw Results were expecting a tag match and we got it. Good to see the WWE hasn’t strayed too far from their path of predictability.

Mace and Strowman started it with a lockup and Strowman threw him back into a corner in a test of strength.

Their second lockup ended when Mace reversed the hold and backed Strowman into the corner.

Mace ducked a clothesline, and they went back and firth with exchanged before Mace locked in a headlock.

Strowman threw him into the ropes and Mace hit him with a shoulder block that sent Strowman into the ropes.

Strowman came off the ropes and hit a shoulder block that dropped Mace, and followed it with a kick and headbutt.

Strowman hit a right and then slammed Mace into another turnbuckle before he hammered Mace down with one clubbing blow.

Strowman locked in a side headlock and then a knee before tagging McIntyre in.

McIntyre slammed Mace into a corner and hammered him away, but ran into an elbow to the throat.

T-Bar came in and McIntyre ducked his clothesline and hit his own clothesline before tagging Strowman in.

Strowman dropped T-Bar with a big boot, then he hammered T-Bar down in the corner and threw him across the ring.

T-Bar hit with a kick, but Strowman deflected it and nailed T-Bar with an uppercut before throwing T-Bar across the ring.

Mace ducked a shot by Strowman on the apron and T-Bar hit a chop block.

Mace and T-Bar hit a double heel kick for a pin attempt.

Mace locked in a rear chin lock, then hit a cross face.

McIntyre loses his cool

T-Bar came in and hit Strowman with a big boot for a pin attempt. T-Bar then drove a knee into his back and locked in a rear chin lock.

T-Bar hammered Strowman down and came off the ropes into a backdrop by Strowman.

Mace and McIntyre came in and McIntyre hit a couple of clotheslines, then an belly to belly suplex followed by a neckbreaker.

McIntyre pulled off Mace’s mask, and Mace slapped him. Macintyre backhanded him and then went after him with his mask for a DQ.

T-Bar came him and hit a reverse suplex on McIntyre, and Strowman came in and leveled T-Bar with a shoulder block.

Strowman ripped off T-Bar’s mask and hit him with it to send him to the floor. Whelp, WWE Raw Results did predict Mace and T-Bar would unmask tonight in our preview.

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