George Iceman Reveals Third Party to Work with Impact Wrestling

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Every week on Impact Wrestling’s BTI (Before The Impact), George Iceman drops a hint of something to come in the near future, often revealed during that night’s episode of IMPACT.

This week, he teased a talent  will be debuting soon, and later that night they shared a promo for El Phantasmo debuting next week.

On the surface, this seems to be who Iceman was talking about, but since El Phantasmo was shown with NJPW’s logo, so it’s safe to assume Iceman’s talking about someone else.

During the above podcast segment, Iceman said:

“Fasten your seatbelts. You ain’t seen nothing yet. I promise you. IMPACT is gonna shock the world. They’ve been taken advantage of. A lot of people didn’t give them the credit that’s due. They’ve been hustling. If you see Scott and Don, their earpieces never leave their ear. If I go visit let’s say Scott in Windsor, that guy is up till 3-4 o’clock in the morning on deals, hustling, styling, rocking it, talking storylines, scripts. The guy is hustling. Three deals in place – we got AEW, we got New Japan, there’s a third one – that’s another scoop. Watch out. So there’s a lot that’s happening. Fasten your seatbelts. This is just the beginning.”

Never sitting still

This has led to speculation that it could be with AAA given their working relationship and reports that they want to bring more Mexican based wrestlers into the fold.

Working with AAA again would make sense, but that also disqualifies them as possibilities in the eyes of many fans due to their relationship.

Some other possibilities are Ring of Honor (ROH), but most likely it’ll be CMLL (Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre) or “World Wrestling Council” out of Mexico City.

CMLL would be a great match with Impact because of their old school style of booking and allowing wrestlers to express themselves, meaning it’s not over-scripted like the WWE and others.

CMLL also has a history and rivalry with AAA, so this would make for interesting bed fellows with Impact Wrestling serving as the pivot man, so to speak.

Over the last year we’ve seen a rebirth of the old territory system as various companies have fought to survive the pandemic and compete with the WWE and other larger companies, and this looks like the next step.

We’re seeing a new world coming with professional wrestling as the old guard and practices are replaced and/or revived.

Who do you think is the third company Impact will be working with? Let us know in the comments below.

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Bills beard

You guys need to source property. It wasn’t on BTI and the tweet you source isn’t legit. Iceman did it on @wetalkimpact podcast total nonstop impact on YouTube and twitch


Cite your sources. Total Nonstop Impact is the podcast that set up and conducted the interview. @wetalkimpact on social media

Tim Gillock

Impact has a relationship with AAA, so doubtful it’s CMLL. Could’ve been AAA he was talking about, but that’s not exactly a surprise.

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