WWE NXT Results: Karrion Kross Demolishes Austin Theory, Finn Balor Wants His Rematch

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Last week on NXT TV, Austin Theory made two slight mistakes. The first was interrupting Scarlett as she was talking with NXT GM, William Regal. That led to him getting put in a match with the reigning NXT Champion, Karrion Kross. The second mistake was attacking Kross from behind with Johnny Gargano, as that just served to piss Kross off. Now, the clock is ticking for Austin Theory, as he enters his biggest match ever in NXT with one of the most dangerous men the roster has ever seen.

Kross Came To Destroy

Theory was intimidated by the entrance of Kross, but Gargano coached him and shoved him into the ring. Kross would take the middle of the ring, before Theory lured him into the corner and dodged a punch. A dropkick nailed Kross in the side of the head, but Kross shrugged this off, and Theory was thrown across the ring.

Theory was able to dodge a spear into the corner, but Kross put the brakes on and didn’t hit the ring post. Kross nailed a big lariat, some shots to the chest, before a brutal boot right to the face. Theory went to grab the hand of Gargano who was trying to hype his protege up, but Kross just stomped his hand. Kross would toss Theory across the ring with the exploder suplex, but Gargano distracted the referee.

Austin Theory Gets A Cheap Shot On Karrion Kross, But Suffers For It

Theory raked the eyes of Kross and sent him outside, where Theory drove him into the barricade before nailing a DDT. Kross was having some serious issues nailing a strike, and after being driven into the corner post. Theory could have taken the count out win, but chose to break the count and get Kross back into the ring. The rolling dropkick got a two count, before Theory nailed the Fallaway Slam.

Kross came right back with two punishing Saito Suplexes, before nailing the Doomsday Forearms to the back of Theorys neck before staring Gargano in the eyes. Theory was already done, and Kross locked in the Kross Jacket to send a message to the NXT North American Champion.

This was essentially a squash match, but we were able to see some offense from Theory. It helped to show that Kross is a great seller once again, but in the end, Kross just used Theory to send a message to Johnny Gargano. Match Rating: 2/5 (**)

After the match, Finn Balor would show up behind Kross who was staring down Gargano & Theory and told him he doesn’t wait in lines. He wants his rematch, and doesn’t want to wait for it. Kross agreed, and it seems like this is set to happen very soon. Can Finn Balor win his NXT Championship back?

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