WWE Seeking To Block AEW Rampage With Revamped 205 Live! Major Signing In-coming?

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Right now, either Main Event or 205 Live holds the honor of being the most overlooked show in WWE. 205 Live gets a slight edge over Main Event due to being attached to the NXT brand, and actually gets some promotion because of it. This is expected to rise in the coming months, as WWE seemingly is putting some effort into the Cruiserweight brand. 

We’ve seen some recent debuts in Asher Hale, Ikeman Jiro & Ari Sterling, and a new champion in KUSHIDA, and more are coming including a major potential signing. William Regal stated on 205 Live that he’s seeking to strengthen the brand as well. This all comes around the same time as AEW has announced that in 2022 they’ll be putting a third hour of TV on Friday Nights. Could WWE be getting ready to take on AEW Rampage using 205 Live?

205 Live Is Already WWE’s Best In-Ring Focused Show

While it seems foolish that WWE would try to have 205 Live be a threat to the upcoming AEW show, there are a few ways that it makes sense. They already are settled into the Friday Night timeslot, and have the best wrestling you will find in WWE most weeks. 

While they suffer from a small roster, which means Tony Nese has way too many matches, 205 Live is an in-ring focused program, which is similar to AEW. You’ll often find matches that go 10 to 15 minutes that are satisfying to watch. The only issue is a lack of stars. 

And WWE is working on remedying this issue. Right now, the 205 Live roster has potential in names like KUSHIDA & Ari Sterling. If they bring former champions and stars from the past of 205 Live like Buddy Murphy, Drew Gulak, Cedric Alexander, Angel Garza, Humberto Carrillo, and more into the mix? Suddenly you have a roster. Add in a legend like Rey Mysterio and a fan favorite in Ricochet? Suddenly fans will be interested. 

Speedball Mike Bailey Expected To Sign With WWE Over AEW

Add in the fact that WWE is working on signing ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey for their roster? WWE could suddenly bring some hype back to 205 Live. Bailey was expected to sign with AEW after his visa ban in the United States was done, due to him teasing a match with Kenny Omega

Bailey has been cooled off due to not being able to work major shows in the United States, but remains a popular name with fans and is truly one of the top workers on the planet. It’s been reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE is working on signing Bailey & getting him a visa. 

Could you see WWE being able to build 205 Live into a proper show that has the potential to challenge AEW Rampage? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below. 

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They’re better off extending Smackdown! to compete with Rampage!

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