CM Punk and Others Rip WWE Following Releases

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It didn’t take long for the WWE’s latest batch of high profile releases to get the attention Vince McMahon and company probably didn’t want.

Or maybe they do?

Either way, fans have soundly panned the releases that included a main event talent like Braun Strowman who fit the typical powerhouse mold of the WWE, and Aleister Black.

Black had recently begun a new Dark Father character and entered into a feud with Big E two week ago, but both were kept out of last week’s Smackdown to reportedly let the story breath.

Between them and the others it seems insane the WWE would release them in a alleged cost cutting move, but release them they did.

CM Punk and Renee Paquette speak out

It’s no surprise CM Punk would have an opinion on the releases, and it was reported by @sportninety that he shared what most fans have been saying since the news broke.

“It’s like a movie with a blockbuster budget and cast, but if it’s written by creatively bankrupt nincompoops specifically for an audience of one, in a language nobody understands anymore, it’s…..trash. But people watch it because they like movies.”

This has been the knock against the WWE for the last couple of years at least, as their creative direction feel lackluster at best and the consistency is nearly nonexistent.

When we look at the last couple of weeks with both Smackdown and Raw being lazy copy and pastes for each other and it’s become exceedingly difficult to watch.

But Punk wasn’t the only one to chime in, and Renee Paquette (Renee Young) chimed in.

“What a horrible mismanagement of some really talented people. Sucks.”

Bigger plans?

It’s been reported by various outlets that the WWE writers come up with some great ideas, but in the end they write for Vince McMahon and not the fans.

While it’s worked for him in the past, the creative outlook is bleak and now with these releases the WWE seems intent on driving fans away from their product.

Maybe this is all part of a grand plan? After all, we don’t know what exactly what’s going on behind the scenes.

We’d like to give McMahon the benefit of the doubt, but it may be nearing the end of fans willing to do so. What do you think? Do you agree with CM Punk and Renee? Let us know in the comments below.

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