WWE Planning Next King Of The Ring Tournament?

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One of the oldest tournament concepts WWE uses is King of The Ring. First introduced in 1993, men like Owen Hart, Bret Hart, Mabel, Steve Austin, Triple H, Edge, Kurt Angle, and Brock Lesnar have all won the single elimination tournament. It was last used in 2019 to boost up Baron Corbin, who still uses the name King Corbin to this day. However, as WWE looks to get back on the road and refresh their product, it might be time for another installment.

Baron Corbin & Adam Pearce All But Confirm King Of The Ring Tournament

On an episode of The Bump, King Corbin would be one of the guests. When asked about King of The Ring, he’d have the following to say. “At least Xavier Woods wants to earn an opportunity to wear the King Of The Ring crown. The tournament is what’s necessary to wear that crown. I would love to face him in that tournament.” This is in relation to Shinsuke Nakamura looking to take Corbins crown on Smackdown Live.

With Corbin mentioning the tournament, that was enough to get fans speculating, but Adam Pearce added fuel to the fire when he would tweet: “I know that I have had many conversations with @BaronCorbinWWE on this very topic. Stay tuned.” This is almost enough on it’s own to confirm plans to bring this tournament back in 2021.

Will King Corbin Defend His Crown, Or Enter The Field Once Again?

One big question comes in what will happen with King Corbin in this tournament. Will he defend the crowd against the winner, or enter the field and look to once again outlast the competition? Either would be a good use of him, and having the previous winner knocked out in the first round could set up some high drama for this tournament.

It’s not likely to happen until WWE gets back into the swing of things on the road, and perhaps not even until the 2021 Draft happens. However WWE needs to build up their roster, and the King of The Ring tournament could be their way of doing just that.

Who do you want to see battle for the title of King of The Ring? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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