WWE Raw Results (6/14) – Alexa Bliss Accepts Nia Jax’s Challenge; Nikki Cross Defeated Charlotte Flair by Count Out; Jeff Hardy lost to John Morrison, but beat Cedric Alexander in a Retirement Match

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Hello and welcome to WWE Raw Results!

Tonight looks like it’s going to be a fun one with Drew McIntyre facing AJ Styles and Eva Marie’s return.

Let’s get to the action!

Alexa Bliss welcomed up to her playground, and she said she received some strongly worded criticism for Lily’s actions and she was surprised at how things went.

She claimed she only had good intentions when she invited Shayna Baszler to the playground, but things got out of hand.

Alexa said she put Lily in timeout, and Nia Jax came in and Alexa asked her if Baszler’s okay.

Jax told her Baszler’s fine and will see her at HIAC. She then said she knows the real Alexa and told her to stop messing with her matches and her friends.

Alexa said they’ve never been friends, and Jax challenged her to a match tonight.

Alexa said she never wanted to hurt anyone, then asked for her to forgive her before she burst out laughing as said she accepts.

Nikki Cross vs. Charlotte Flair

Flair started it out by throwing Cross backwards, and Rhea Ripley came out and Nikki went for a quick rollup.

Flair flipped her over the ropes and knocked her to the floor with a knee, and then threw Nikki into the barricade and hit a boot.

Flair threw Nikki back into the ring as we headed to commercial.

Back from commercial, Flair was still in control as she dominated Nikki while Ripley sat at ringside.

Nikki got loose and went for a cradle pin attempt, but Flair kicked out and leveled her with a clothesline and continues to try to humiliate Nikki.

Flair held onto the rope to counter a sunset flip in the corner and stomped away at Nikki. Nikki fought her off the top rope and hit a tornado DDT and Flair rolled to the floor.

Flair caught Nikki’s crossbody off the apron, then hit a fallaway slam on the floor and a kip up.

Nikki rolled into the ring while Flair showboated for Ripley and Flair was counted out. Flair then hit Nikki with a big boot on the floor and threw her into the ring for more punishment.

Ripley grabbed Flair as she tried to lock in a figure 4 and hit a Riptide before she headed to the back.

Backstage, Riddle asked Jeff Hardy about that he did last week, and Jeff said when the Viper speaks he should listen.

It was an interesting sensei moment for Jeff.

Jeff Hardy vs. John Morrison w/The Miz

On his way to the ring, Morrison forgot the Miz on the ramp, and had to go back and get him since he’s in a wheelchair.

This is the first time they’re facing each other on Raw in 10 years, and it started with spraying Jeff in the face while he did his entrance with the Drip Stick.

When the bell rang, Morrison went right after Jeff, but Jeff fought back with a couple of hard rights and some shoulders in the corner.

Morrison hit a one handed somersault clothesline, and Cedric Alexander came out.

So, we’re up to two matches and two people that aren’t involved coming out. Morrison didn’t miss a beat until Jeff caught him in a flip and hit a double leg drop.

Jeff threw his towel at Miz by the announce table, and then hit a senton bomb off the top rope for a near pinfall.

Morrison hit a kick on the apron, then hung Jeff up before he hit a Starship Pain for the win.

Alexander wasted no time in apologizing to Jeff for not showing him respect, but then he watched their match last week and how Jeff disrespected him.

Alexander’s upset a man he idolized is a sore winner and mocked him after the match.

Jeff told Alexander he’ll retire if Alexander can beat him right now.

Retirement Match – Jeff Hardy vs. Cedric Alexander

Jeff sidestepped Alexander’s charge and threw him to the floor and hit a swinging dropkick.

Alexander then caught him in the ropes and hit a dragonscrew on Jeff’s left leg for a pin attempt. Alexander then locked in a one legged Boston Crab, and then stomped Jeff.

Jeff hit a jawbreaker, and sent Alexander into the turnbuckle and followed it with a double kick and pin attempt.

Alexander countered a Twist of Fate into a power bomb for a near pinfall, and then missed a Swanton bomb.

Jeff dodged a Neuralizer and hit a Twist of Fate, and then hit a Swanton Bomb for the win. Jeff then danced over Alexander like last week and WWE Raw Results loved it!

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