WWE Raw Results (4/26) – The New Day (Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston) and Damian Priest Defeated Elias, The Miz, and Jaxson Ryker w/John Morrison by Small Package Rollup

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WWE Raw Results returned and Elias and Woods locked up to start it off, and Woods locked in a side headlock. Elias sent him into the ropes and hit a reverse elbow, then a chop and right in the corner.

Ryker tagged in and nailed Woods with some body blows, then distracted the ref so Miz and Elias could choke Woods out in their corner.

Ryker then hit with a kick and a body slam for a pin attempt.

Elias tagged in and hit Woods in the side with a right and then an uppercut.

Elias sent him into the ropes, and Woods ducked two clothesline attempts and slid between Elias’ legs on another to hit a elbow for a pin attempt.

Elias hammered him with rights and tagged Miz in.

Woods tripped Miz and Kingston came in and they hit a double chop and double faceplant for a pin attempt.

Woods came in and Kingston hit Miz with a kick, Woods hit a sliding clothesline, Kingston nailed a splash off the ropes, and Woods hit a elbow drop off the middle rope for a pin attempt.

Kingston came in and hit Miz with a shoulder, then an axhandle off the ropes for a near pinfall.

Priest tagged in and Miz ran to his corner and tagged in Ryker.

The two locked up and jockeyed for position before Ryker slapped on a headlock.

Priest sent him off the ropes, but he dropped Ryker with a series of kicks and leg sweeps.

Elias came in and Priest leg swept him, then the Miz.

Kingston came in and knocked Elias over the top rope while Priest sent the Miz to the floor.

Kingston then rolled Elias into the ring and headed to the top rope and hit a crossbody for a pin attempt.

Elias forced Kingston into their corner and Miz came in and kicked Kingston down, then threw him into t a corner and ran into a kick.

Kingston headed to the top rope and Elias shoved him off to the floor while Ryker occupied the ref.

Miz hit a running boot on Kingston as we headed to commercial.

Going for the gold

Back from commercial, they’re back in the ring and The Miz was in control and went for a pin on Kingston, then beat him with a series of rights before he jawed at Woods and Priest.

Miz hung Kingston on the ropes and Morrison ground a tomato in Kingston’s face.

Elias came in and he and Miz made a wish with Kingston’s legs, and Elias nailed him with a right and hit a spinning suplex for a pin attempt.

Elias locked in a rear chin lock and Kingston hit a series of elbows to break the hold and Elias threw him into the ropes and hit a clothesline.

Ryker came in and hit a headbutt for a near pinfall, and then slapped on a sleeper hold.

Kingston tried to get loose, but Ryker hit a forearm to his back and Elias tagged in. Ryker hit a springboard suplex and Elias hit a running forearm off the ropes for a pin attempt.

Kingston hit Elias with an elbow and a series of rights, but Elias drove him back into their corner and Miz came in and stomped Kingston down.

Miz hit a series of Yes! Kicks, but missed his last one and Kingston hit an SOS to buy some time.

Elias and Priest tagged in and Priest hit a reverse elbow off the ropes, kicked Ryker to the side, and hit a Stagedive on Elias in another corner.


Priest hit a Stagedive on Ryker, but Ryker held on and carried him to the center of the ring, but Priest got loose and hit an ear clap and kick and spinning heel kick.

Priest then went for a Broken Arrow, but Elias got loose and Priest hit with a clothesline for a near pinfall.

Priest headed to the top rope and hit a heel kick for a pin attempt the Miz broke up.

Priest hit a Broken Arrow on Miz, and Woods tagged in.

Woods came off the top rope and Elias caught him with a knee for a near pinfall.

Ryker came in and they sent Woods into the ropes, but Woods hit Elias with a kick and went for a tilt the whirl on Ryker after Kingston blind tagged in and Priest tagged himself in.

Priest and Woods held Ryker for Kingston to nail a missile dropkick for a near pinfall.

Priest caught Miz with a kick on the apron and came off the ropes so Woods could blind tag in and flipped over the ropes to take out Miz and Morrison.

Ryker caught Woods with an axhandle, but Woods rolled him up in a small package for the win.

This was a better match than WWE Raw Results were expecting, and it should be fun to see who all the WWE will plug into this feud between Priest and Miz before it’s over.

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