Daniel Bryan Return To WWE Looking Unlikely

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Just ahead of the WWE PPV, Wrestlemania: Backlash, we saw what could be the final WWE match of Daniel Bryan. He faced Roman Reigns one on one for the WWE Universal Championship, and lost. The stipulation was that he had to leave Smackdown Live, which he did. However, Bryan hasn’t been seen anywhere else in WWE, aside from a few mentions on commentary and showing up in past footage. Now, there is some evidence that might imply he won’t be coming back to WWE at this time.

Daniel Bryan Isn’t Being Considered With Licensing & Merchandise Plans

While it might not seem this way, WWE does tend to plan things behind the scenes. Namely toy and merchandise deals, as those are major sources of income. Toys especially are a big market, for both collectors and children alike. This is why WWE likes to have everything set up ahead of time, and these discussions recently happened.

However, reports indicate that Daniel Bryan was not part of these plans, and he is someone who generally is a big fan favorite. This would indicate that there isn’t much of a plan to bring Bryan back into the company following his exit. While this is a loss for WWE fans, it could be very interesting.

Unlikely To Be Done Wrestling As A Whole

Considering how passionate Bryan has always been about professional wrestling, it’s unlikely that was the end of his career. Rumors have been rampant about Bryan joining up with All Elite Wrestling, with most fans hoping to see him debut at their next PPV event, All Out. There is also a slim chance that he makes his surprise return at PWG: Mystery Vortex, as he has had a deep history with PWG and it’s by all accounts, one of the best places to work.

Regardless of where he shows up next, the reaction from fans is going to be insane. He is still one of the greatest professional wrestlers around, and one of the most popular as well. Any company would benefit from having him on their roster, and it’s simply a matter of when he will show up again, and not if.

Where do you want to see Daniel Bryan in wrestling? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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