WWE NXT Results: Raquel Gonzalez Defeats Xia Li To Retain NXT Women’s Championship After Potential Injury, Karrion Kross Attacks William Regal (07/20)

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In 2021, we’ve truly seen Xia Li come out of her shell and show her true self. After some extra training from Mei Ling and Tian Sha, she’s perhaps the deadliest striker you’ll find in the NXT Women’s division. Tonight is her biggest test yet, as she faces the NXT Women’s Champion Raquel Gonzalez in her first title shot in WWE. Gonzalez has been a dominant force so far, taking down Io Shirai, Mercedes Martinez & Ember Moon, but can she beat Xia?

Raquel Gonzalez Gets Her Leg Attacked

Before the main event could begin, Samoa Joe was still on the hunt for Karrion Kross, but got the wrong person in the car. That is a situation that will explode before the end of the show, but hopefully won’t be an issue for this match. Xia Li was alone on her way to the ring, not having Tian Sha but Gonzalez had Dakota Kai like usual.

They would lock up in the corner, with Gonzalez showing the instant power edge. Xia would go for a headlock and be thrown off, before being thrown off and smashed with a shoulder tackle. Gonzalez watched Xia pop back up before taking her back down. Xia would look for a sunset flip before being thrown right into the corner, nearly catching the referee along the way.

Gonzalez had Xia jump over her, before she just ran her down with a big boot to the face. Xia slipped outside, where Gonzalez hit a lawn dart into the ringpost, Xia hitting shoulder first. Gonzalez reminded her that she asked for this, before Xia dodged a big boot by the post and attacked the leg using it with vicious intent. During a picture in picture break, Xia would maintain her control in the ring as she kept the pressure on a hurt Gonzalez.

Xia Li Suffers A Potential Injury

Back live, Gonzalez would take a forearm strike in the corner before having that left knee abused with dropkicks in the corner. A single leg crab was applied, and Gonzalez was in trouble before she was able to power out. Gonzalez nailed a big fallaway slam before nailing a dropkick to the face of Xia for a two count.

She’d look for her signature powerbomb but Xia countered with a knee strike. Some more strikes from Xia had cut the champion down, and a spinning roundhouse kick to the back of Gonzalez got a two count. Gonzalez rallied back with a scoop slam before hitting a modified Vader Bomb.

She couldn’t keep Xia down with a pinfall, but the referee and some ringside doctors checked her out after this move. This was a potential injury, as the entire weight of Gonzalez crashed onto the ribs of Xia with great force. We’d see a replay, but the match would continue for long enough for Gonzalez to hit the powerbomb and win.

The potential injury at the end of this match took the wind out of this match, and the abrupt finish was needed at that time. For what it was, we had a hard hitting exchange that could have been better without a long stoppage. Both Gonzalez & Xia looked fine here in their control spots, but the lack of chemistry was clear. Match Rating: 2/5 (**)

Samoa Joe would hit the ring and demand Kross come to the ring and get the ass kicking he earned. Kross would appear on the screen, and say that things have changed since Joe was here. He can hurt anyone he wants as NXT Champion, including William Regal. Kross would ask if Joe still feels he’s in control, as he walked away to his card and left Regal laying.

What will Joe do when he gets his hands on Kross? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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