Impact Wrestling Results (7/8) – Sami Callihan Arrested for Assaulting Don Callis; Deonnna Purrazzo Defeated Lady Frost by Submission, then Gail Kim Informed Purrazzo she’ll Face a Mystery Opponent at Slammiversary; W. Morrissey Sent a Message to Eddie Edwards with a Easy 3 on 1 Handicap Match Victory

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Impact Wrestling Results found Gia Miller backstage with Deonna Purrazzo, and she asked what’s next.

Purrazzo said she’s a 2 time Knockouts Champion without then and ran down Kimber Lee and Susan’s lack of accomplishments and is willing to bet she can keep the title forever on her own.

Gia tried to get a word in with Callihan, and he said she caught him in a good mood and she asked what his mindset is for the contract signing.

A police office interrupted the interview saying he had an arrest warrant for him attacking Don Callis and he was swarmed and taken out in handcuffs.

He said he didn’t do it and it looks like an attempt to keep him from signing the contract tonight.

Open Challenge – Knockouts Championship – Deonna Purrazzo vs. Lady Frost

This should be a good one, and they locked up and a series of reversals on both sides followed and Lady Frist showed some impressive athleticism.

Purrazzo gained the upper hand after a series of kicks, but Frost caught her with a reverse elbow and a roundhouse kick, but missed a moonsault off the top rope and injured her ankle.

Purrazzo went after her and hit a flatliner but pulled her up from the pin attempt and slapped on a Fujiwara Armbar for the submission win.

After the match, Purrazzo thanked her for answering her open challenge, but she’s just another building block in the Age of the Virtuosa.

Gail Kim came out and interrupted Purrazzo as we headed to commercial.

Back from commercial and Purrazzo said it was an honor to be in the ring with Kim and thanked her, but she expected the respect to go both ways.

Kim told her she watched her career with great interest and is proud of her, but she’s there to talk about Slammiversary.

Purrazzo accepted a match with Kim, but Kim said she’s retired and Purrazzo has something to prove.

Kim wants to give her the opportunity to be the greatest ever and her opponent will be a myster opponent of their choosing at Slammiversary.

It sounds huge and we can’t wait to see who it is.

Swinger’s Palace

Alisha Edwards asked the Swingerettes how many hours they normally work and they said 1008 or something.

Chris Sabin walked in and asked where Swinger was, but the tables aren’t open. He still loves this place.

As he settled in Moose attacked him from behind and then leveled Hernandez when he tried to stop them.

Sounds like Moose officially accepted Sabin’s Slammiversary challenge.

Gia Miller was with Chris Bey and asked what led to him choosing sides, and he said he’s been reminiscing and how the addition of Fulton and Shera could hurt him and he didn’t like his chances.

He said it doesn’t mean he’s everyone’s friends as he picked his side and they happened to be standing on it.

3 on 1 match – W. Morrissey vs. Jason Page, Manny Smith, Dante Evans

Well, this is going to get ugly pretty quickly.

Before the match, Morrissey accepted Eddie Edwards’ challenge at Slammiversary and said he’ll help Edwards out as he’s in a hospital bed by preparing him for their match by demonstrating what he’ll do to Edwards via this handicap match.

Morrisey dropped Smith with a clothesline and then hit partners with a double clothesline and choked them both out before hitting all three with splashes in the corners.

A choke slam, power bomb, and a F-5 on all three led to him stacking them up for the pin with his foot on the top one.

Impact Wrestling Results said it was going to be short.

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