Impact Wrestling Rebellion Results (4/25) – Violent By Design (W. Morrisey, Deaner, Joe Doering, and Rhino) w/Eric Young Brutally Defeated Chris Sabin, Eddie Edwards, James Storm, and Willie Mack by Pinfall

It was announced that Eric Young was injured by Eddie Edwards, and Young handpicked his replacement, and Impact Wrestling Rebellion Results expect this to be an interesting choice.

Backstage, Young was shown with VBD as he talked to his replacement but we didn’t see who it was yet and will have to wait until the match starts.

And the replacement is…

W. Morrisey. This is going to be a good one.

Doering and Edwards started it off and Edwards went behind but Doering backed him into the corner and Rhino came in.

Edwards locked in an armbar and Sabin hit with a elbow off the ropes and continued the armbar, then tagged Edwards in.

A good fight

Rhino nailed Edwards and Deaner came in, but Edwards hit a belly to belly and he and Mack hit a doubled elbow off the ropes.

Storm came in and nailed Deaner with a couple of rights and worked on Deaner’s left arm, but Deaner fought back. Storm hip tossed Deaner into his corner so he could tag in Morrisey.

Strom his Morrisey with a series of rights, and Strom went to the top rope, but Morrisey his with an elbow and a boot to send Storm to the floor and then knocked everyone off the apron.

Morrisey backed Storm into his corner and nailed him with a right, and Deaner came in to stomp Storm down.

Doering came in and Storm hit a jawbreaker, but Doering hit a crossbody off the ropes for a near pinfall, and Rhino came in.

Rhino hit with a headbutt, and then hit a short clothesline. Rhino locked in a neck hold.

Storm fought to his feet and hit some elbows, but Rhino clubbed him, then ran into an elbow.

Storm hit a running neckbreaker and tagged in Mack.

Mack ran through Deaner and knocked VBD off the apron, then bit a rolling slam, leg drop, and a sit out powerbomb for a near pinfall.

Sabin came in and they threw Deaner into a corner and Sabin ran in but Deaner flipped him onto the top rope and dropped Mack.

Sabin slipped out and Edwards hit Deaner with a kick. Sabin was caught by Doering and Morrisey on the floor, and Edwards leveled them on the floor.

They took turns nailing Deaner and Rhino, and Edwards hit Deaner with a powerbomb, Sabin with a running knee, Mack with a standing moonsault, and James with a frog splash.

Morrisey broke up the pin, but Mack pulled the ropes down so Morrisey went to the floor.

So close

Morrisey caught Mack’s dive through the ropes with a forearm, and Sabin caught Deaner on the top rope.

Sabin superplexed Deaner to the floor and onto both teams.

Mack and Doering were the first on their feet and Doering sent Mack into the ring. Mack ducked a clothesline and hit a stunner.

Doering slipped to the floor and Morrisey entered the ring.

Mack went for the stunner and was pushed off, and Morrison hit a big boot off the ropes, then picked up Mack and hit a one armed slam for the win, and then pounded on Mack.

Impact Wrestling Rebellion Results can’t help but wonder who’s going to stand in VBD’s way now that they have two giants? This is a whole new ballgame and it’s going to get interesting fast.

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