Despite its Success, AEW is in the Red Due to Video Game Investments

In two years, AEW has helped transform the professional landscape by giving fans another prominent option beside the WWE, and giving wrestlers an opportunity to go elsewhere if they need a change.

Since they came onto the scene, we’ve seen a kind of rebirth of the old territory system as AEW has started working with other companies like Impact Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and a reported third company as well.

While they’ve helped reshape the world of professional wrestling in a much needed way, they’re reportedly still operating at a loss financially due to investing in their upcoming video games.

Building for the future

AEW has reportedly invested 8 figures into developing their video games and that’s helped log them in at a financial loss for 2020 despite being paid $43.75 million from TNT, according to

The news initially came from Hank Tucker at Forbes, and it makes sense as companies make investments like this in the future of their company, and video games have been huge for years, so this makes sense.

At the moment, AEW has games in development for mobile and console games and they’re only going to add to their revenue when they come out.

And AEW isn’t in danger of losing money any time soon with fans returning and AEW soon to have three shows on Warner channels they could set themselves up for a huge windfall before too long.

A great time for wrestling fans

With everything that’s been happening in professional wrestling the last few months, it’s easy to think this is bad news at first, but it if things work out it’s going to be fun.

We’ve said it many times over the last couple of years, but this is a great time to be a professional wrestling fan as we have plenty of choices and outlets through television to the internet to watch our favorites.

Things should only get more entertaining as other companies continue to work together and create something special as they continue to break new ground and kick open doors.

And with more video games and other merchandise coming out, it really adds to the zesty flavor of the moment so let’s kick back and indulge a little. It’s going to be a fun ride.

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