NJPW’s Will Ospreay Provides Injury Update

This was set to be the best year in the impressive career of Will Ospreay. While a few years ago he was the top high flier in the world, Ospreay was able to morph his style into one that had all bases covered. As one of the best all around wrestlers in the world now and leading his own faction in The United Empire, it was not shocking when he was able to defeat Kota Ibushi to become the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion.

Ospreay would be successful in his first defense of the championship, when he defeated rival Shingo Takagi, but that match was when it all started to fall apart. During the match, Ospreay would suffer an injury to his back and neck that forced him to vacate the championship, and return home to the UK. Today, we got an injury update from Ospreay, and if he feels he can return to the ring.

Will Ospreay Is On The Road To Recovery

While plugging a new piece of merchandise on Twitter, Ospreay would give a quick update on his condition. “Today I was given the MRI results about my back, and although the news wasn’t the best, they did say it’s treatable. Now I’m motivated to comeback.” This is both promising and foreboding.

It will likely be a while before Ospreay is back, despite initially high hopes that he’d return before the next Wrestle Kingdom event or even the 2021 G1 Climax. However, Ospreay is staying positive, and has a true love for the professional wrestling industry. He will make his way back to the ring, and the industry will be waiting for him.

No Rush Is Needed For Ospreay

Even if it takes a year or two for Ospreay to fully recover, professional wrestling will still be around and have a spot for him. NJPW already established him as a top name, and he’s incredibly popular with fans in Japan and the United States alike. It’s a major setback, and it came at one of the worst possible times, but he doesn’t need to rush. Fans can agree that with any injury, it’s always better for the competitor to fully recover and come back as their best self.

Ospreay is on the road to recovery, and while it won’t be easy, he’s got the right plan. His new shirt had the slogan Rebuild x Recapture, drawing a quick comparison to the Redesign, Rebuild, Reclaim shirt of Seth Rollins. Rollins suffered a massive knee injury, and returned to become one of WWE’s top names, and Ospreay is set to do the same in NJPW.

Were you excited to see Will Ospreay main event the Tokyo Dome in NJPW? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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