Monday Night Raw Live Recap & Results


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Monday Night Raw Live Recap & Results

I’m making a habit of starting these late, but here we are again for another recap of Raw and an important one. This show emanates from Madison Square Garden, the first in a real long time.

We begin with the contract signing with Steve Austin. The OC of course interrupt and AJ and Austin have a fun war of words. Eventually Austin patiently moves the table and allows Rollins and Strowman to attack the OC. They run off Gallows and Anderson, leaving AJ in the ring alone with Austin. They really milk it as the crowd rises to their feet, sensing the oncoming stunner! And it’s a beaut to be sure. Contracts were indeed signed by the by.

After commercial, AJ is still laid out in the ring as his opponent of the night makes his way out.

AJ Styles vs. Cedric Alexander

Cedric naturally takes the immediate advantage, tossing him around ringside. Big time tope from Alexander blasts through AJ. In the ring, AJ focuses on the arm which the OC injured last week to take the advantage as we go to commercial. Back from break, Cedric is trying to fight back but AJ keeps going back to the shoulder to keep the heat on. Cedric gets him with chops but eats a roundhouse kick. AJ hits the ropes, only to get caught with a Michinoku Driver for the nearfall! Cedric keeps gaining, but he gets pulled from the ring and attacked by Gallows and Anderson for the DQ.

Winner: Cedric Alexander by DQ

The OC gang up on Cedric… but in come the Viking Raiders to make the save! Hey, they finally made it clear that they’re babyfaces! And it gets a good response as they lay out all three of them, standing tall alongside Cedric. Effective.

Backstage we hear from Sasha Banks and Bayley. They give a basic promo claiming there’s no stronger connection than theirs. It’s quick and done well but Bayley being heel is something that’ll take some getting used to.

Firefly Funhouse segment hyped for tonight. A Connor’s Cure advert plays, narrated by Roman Reigns. This leads into Roman making his way out onto the stage. He mentions that last year he announced the return of his leukemia, crediting the audience for their love and support helping him heal. Roman claims this has made him change his goals. To use his power to pay it forward for others like the people did for him. He talks about going to a local hospital to visit the children, but asks, “Why go to him when we can bring them to us?”

And so he introduces a bunch of children. Julius, the Sarcoma Warrior, Antonio “The Arrival”, Miguel “The Mighty M”, Liam “The Red Ninja” and Liana “Lilly Terror”. Roman says the little warriors have been through the biggest fights of their lives and are still standing here, stronger than ever. But the work isn’t done. As they’re showing their victories, there are others just beginning their fight. So he urges everyone to give their support.

Charlotte & Becky Lynch make their way out for their match with Sasha Banks & Bayley. As the heels emerge, Becky and Charlotte rush out to bring the fight to them! Bexploder to Banks on the outside, brawl makes it’s way into the ring! Bayley and Banks isolate Becky in the ring until Charlotte comes in with a chair to run ’em off! Right in time for a commercial.

We’re back and the match is on.

Becky Lynch & Charlotte vs. Bayley & Sasha Banks

Becky takes advantage early, tossing Bayley repeatedly into the ringside barrier. Charlotte is tagged in but cutoff and isolated in the corner. Quick tags and double teams ensue. Charlotte fights back, gets Baylety in the corner to tag to Becky. Becky with a springboard kick in the corner, tries to capitalize with a Bexploder but Bayley escapes, takes her to the apron. Becky fends her off, and has to knock off Sasha as well, but this allows Bayley to get her with a hotshot. Bayley distracts the ref as Sasha takes it to Becky on the outside. Tag to Sasha. Back in the ring, vertical suplex for a quick kickout. Charlotte gets a hot tag and takes to Sasha with a multitude of chops. Whip to the ropes, fallaway slam, kip-up.

Charlotte takes out Bayley on the apron, hits Sasha with a Lethal Combination against the corner. Sasha and Charlotte bring back one of their classic NXT spots, suplex countered with a land on the feet directly into a neckbreaker. Charlotte with a whip to the ropes, Sasha counters with a spinning headscissor into the Banks Statement attempt, but Charlotte counters into the Figure Eight! Bayley tries to run in to break it up, Becky catches her with a Dis-arm-her but Bayley counters with an arm drag, taking Becky into Charlotte to break things up. “This is awesome chant” arises. Sasha with a big meteora off the apron onto Charlotte on the floor takes us to commercial. This one gettin’ good.

We come back to Sasha keeping Charlotte down in a Straitjacket hold. Charlotte tries to escape in the corner, but Sasha reverses, big running double knee against the turnbuckles, drags her in for a nearfall. Tag to Bayley, more double teaming with Sasha holding Charlotte for knife edge chops. Charlotte scrambles to try to make the tag but Bayley keeps her held with an inverted headlock. Drags her to the corner to lay in shoulder thrusts. Idiot Charge is met with a knee lift. Charlotte trips her and sees her land on the second rope before making the tag. House of Straight Fire, Becky takes Sasha out and comes off the top rope to lay Bayley out.

Sasha comes in, gets another Bexploder. Baseball Slide to Sasha, followed by a running clothesline off the apron. Bayley tries to cut her off but gets the WWE High Kick off the apron. Becky comes in but Bayley cuts her off, tries for the Bayley-To-Belly, Becky counters and tries for the Dis-arm-her but Sasha gets the backstabber to break it up! Charlotte runs through Sasha with a big boot but Bayley gets her down. Charlotte lands on her feet off a double suplex attempt, ducks a double clothesline leading to Becky getting them both with a Dropkick off the second rope! Becky with a middle rope legdrop as Charlotte tags in, goes up, hits the Moonsault. Sasha breaks up the cover, Becky takes it to her on the outside, locking on the Dis-arm-her until Bayley comes in to stomp her. Charlotte comes in with a baseball slide attempt but Bayley evades it, hits Bayley-to-Belly on Becky, and a brutal back suplex to Charlotte onto the floor.

Back in the ring, Bayley goes for the top rope elbow drop but Charlotte gets the knees up. Sasha grabs Charlotte from the apron, gets knocked off, Bayley tries for a roll-up but Charlotte kicks out, nails Natural Selection and that is it.

Winners: Charlotte & Becky Lynch

Woo. Quite the mid-raw match, that.

Backstage, Interviewer Girl #2 puts a mic in AJ Styles’ face and he says the OC runs the place. Before he can do anything else, Roode and Ziggler interject. They suggest that could be true… if they enlist their help. They claim they have mutual enemies. AJ and Dolph slap hands. Not sure where this is going.

Rey Mysterio vs. Gran Metalik

Catch-as-catch can open, as the two exchange monkey flip counters, hangsprings and evasions, headscissors but Metalik lands on his feet! Now this is some lucha. Metalik gets Rey on his shoulders, headscissors takes him to the middle rope, Metalik avoids the 619 and gets a roll-up, Mysterio kicks out. Metalik taken the outside, Rey tries for a suicide splash, Metalik rolls out of the way, Rey rolls through but then eats a superkick! Metalik with a big springing tope taking Rey down. Gets Rey into the ring, Metalik with a springboard senton for a two count.

They’re selling it like Mysterio might be seriously injured, coming off his return from near-retirement. Metalik has something of a heat segment, Rey counters with a headscissors taking him to the middle turnbuckle, springboards for the West Coast Pop and a crossbody, Metalik counters, spins on the middle ropes for a dropkick! The two of them go top together and fight it out. Metalik goes up top, ranas him HARD off the middle rope! Nearfall. Rey whipped to the ropes, counters with a Code Red! Metalik barely kicks out. Rey gets him to the middle rope, 619 connects! Goes up top, frog splash and that’s that.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Short, but a very good match.

Cedric backstage talking to Seth and Braun. We can’t hear anything but it would seem a 10-man tag is on the horizon. And yep, when we come back from break, that match has been made official. Rollins, Braun, Cedric & The Viking Raiders vs. The OC, Roode and Ziggler.

Backstage, Street Profits are freaking out about the match just announced. They hype up the KOTR triple threat semi-final and Clash of Champions. Just a basic card rundown but very enthusiastic. Dawkins chooses Sasha Banks to beat Becky and takes a moment to let Sasha know that she was right; blue is her color! Poor Nikki must feel betrayed.

King Of The Ring Semi-Finals: Samoa Joe vs. Ricochet vs. Baron Corbin

Baron swiftly bails and Joe clips Ricochet from behind. Ricochet leap frogs over him, hits the ropes, headscissors, dropkick. Tries to hit the ropes but in Baron comes with a shoulder block to stop him. Gets him on the apron, Ricochet hits the WWE High Kick, takes him down and gets him with a running Shooting Star press. On the outside, back flip kick, into an enziguri, suicide dive to Joe, corkscrew con hilo to Baron. Back from break, Ricochet and Joe are down in the ring as Baron is on the outside. Ricochet hits him with a baseball slide, tries for another but Baron catches him and swings him into the ring post! Joe catches him with a surprise suicide dive forearm! Grabs Ricochet and tosses him into the post once more.

In the ring, the heavyweights trade, Joe gets the better and hits a senton, cover, Ricochet struggles inside to break it up. Wicked powerslam from Joe to Ricochet for 2. Goes up top, Joe catches him and tries for a superplex, Baron wants to turn into a powerbomb tower but funnily Joe knocks him away, Ricochet takes Joe off the top rope, comes down onto Baron. Joe drives through Baron, eats a heel kick from Ricochet and everyone’s laid out. Ricochet builds some momentum on Baron until a big boot cuts him off.

Big time Deep Six, Joe breaks up the cover by pulling Baron out of the ring with a Coquina Clutch! He goes all around ringside with him as Baron struggles! Joe eventually has him laid out on the floor, and Ricochet comes off the apron with a running Shooting Star Press, flattening both men! With great effort, Ricochet takes Joe into the ring. Goes up top, 630, Joe rolls away, Ricochet lands on his feet, Joe with the Coquina Clutch, Ricochet escapes, Recoil! Positions Joe, goes up top once again. 630 nailed! But Baron drags him out of the ring and tosses him over the barricade! Into the ring for the pin… and that’s it.

Winner: Baron Corbin

This was a long way to go to justify getting Baron into the final, but you pretty much did have to go that far to make it work I suppose.

So now he faces either Elias… or Chad Gable. This bracket did not go as anyone expected I dare say.

Natalya vs. Lacey Evans

We start with Nattie getting a bit right hand of her own in, bringing the fight to Lacey. Snap suplex. Nattie gets an Indian Deathlock, Lacey gets to the ropes. Nattie attacks her in the ropes to the sound of a “CM Punk” chant, the first I can recall in a long while. Discus Clothesline gets a 2 count. Sharpshooter attempt, Lacey escapes before it’s locked in. Lacey bails, Nattie follows, kick to the gut, neckbreaker takes her to the floor. Gets her in the ring, slingshot elbow drop. Pummels her in the corner. Natalya tries to fight out of a headlock, gets whipped to the floor. Lacey to the second rope, springs and twirls up for a top rope moonsault but Natalya avoids it. She starts to charge and then, Lacey catches her with a kick that, was probably meant to be a super kick or roundhouse kick something but landed her shin in Nattie’s stomach. Lacey with the shoulder thrusts, then wipes her brow and tosses the handkerchief into Nattie’s face like last week. She tries for the Springing Bronco Buster, but Nattie gets the feet up, then locks in the Sharpshooter for the submission.

Winner: Natalya

Well executed enough, Lacey’s one lame kick aside, but the crowd clearly not up for it, probably a bit deflated from seeing Baron win. We see clips from earlier, a segment filmed before Raw went on the air where basketball’s Enes Kanter showed up, clotheslined R-Truth and pinned him to become 24/7 Champion, only to get rolled up, seeing Truth get the title right back. Cole informs us that R-Truth will have to defend his title in some form at Clash of Champions since all titles are on the line that night.

Bray Wyatt welcomes us to the Firefly Funhouse with a put-on Spanish accent. Ramblin’ Rabbit springs up yelling ‘stranger danger’. The stranger in question is apparently Stone Cold Steve Austin. Abigail’s clock has been stuck at 3:16 ever since Stone Cold came by. The puppets seem to be making the point that guests appearing on Raw are considered strangers and that’s why Bray always attacks them. Bray hits the clock with a hammer until it comes to 11:19. Hrm. Bray says Steve is just a rattlesnake and you can’t blame a rattlesnake for doing rattlesnake things. Strangers are just friends you haven’t made yet, using the 10-man tag as an example. But unfortunately friends won’t help where you’re going. Friends forgive but the Fiend never forgets. See you in Hell!

Seth Rollins, Braun Strowman, Cedric Alexander & The Viking Raiders vs. The OC, Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler

Before long this breaks down into a big brawl. Ziggler off the rope into a chokeslam from Strowman. Faces clear the ring and stand tall going to the break. Back from commercial, AJ and Cedric are legal and the latter is being isolated by the heel side. AJ tosses Cedric to the apron, just to let him spring in for his swinging reverse STO! Meanwhile, The Wave commences in the MSG crowd. The camera seems be strategically trying to avoid showing it as they continue pounding on Cedric. Robert Roode wears Cedric down with a Fujiwara armbar as Rollins desperately tries to will the crowd into the match on the apron.

Cedric fights with a brutal spinning elbow as the face side on the apron joins Seth in trying to act like this is a big match. Rollins gets the hot tag, springboard high knee to Anderson – who also tagged in – followed up by the Falcon Arrow Roode breaks up the ensuing pin. Everyone runs in and hits sigs afterwards, capped off by an Avada Kedavra from Rollins. Tag to Braun, Suicide dives from Rollins commence, followed up by Braun’s huge run around the ring shoulder blocks. It’s actually some awesome teamwork. Braun with a running powerslam, Rollins tries to run defense but Roode and Ziggler tackle Rollins into Braun to break up the pin. Tag champs start bickering as we go to commercial.

Back, and now Rollins is the one being worked over. Rollins hits a reversal jawbreaker, but his lunge to his corner sees him hit with a spinebuster for 2! Rollins is taken to the second rope, knocks Anderson away, Roode tags in but gets a Blockbuster! Ziggler tags in, tries a Fameasser but gets a Buckle Bomb for his troubles! Rollins still fighting to his corner, AJ tagged in now, Rollins flips out of a Back Suplex, ducks a clothesline and finally tags Braun! Strowman runs right through everybody, clothesline in the corner to AJ, tries for the Powerslam, but AJ escapes, side-step sends Braun shoulderfirst into the post. Erik tags in, suplexes, reverse hip toss into knee lift to Roode, catches a Pele Kick from AJ though, staggers back, Ivar tags in and Thesz presses AJ. Swanton Bomb to the floor to wipe out everyone other than Cedric – who blind tagged in – and AJ! Cedric comes in, AJ tries for the Phenomenal Forearm, countered with the Lumbar Check!

Winners: Babyfaces

Hilariously, the GLASS BREAKS right as Cedric gets the three as if it’s his theme. Out comes Austin and the beerbath commences, sharing it with all five of the winners. And that’s the note we go out on… alright.

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