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Seriously, there comes a time when we have to wonder if Vince McMahon and the WWE are screwing up on purpose.

Matches and creative talent aside, today was supposed to be the big launch of their new game, WWE2K20. They’ve been pushing it relentlessly for months with promos, game play snippets, and some pretty cool commercials with all the superstars of today and yesteryear.

Then the release comes and it’s quickly trending on social media for all the wrong reasons.


In case you haven’t seen any posts, here’s a couple of gems.



The thing here is they’ve had how long to get this ready? Worse yet, according to a few commenters, they already released a patch, so why wasn’t this addressed?

Games will be released with bugs in them. It’s a fact of life for gamers of all ages going back decades. Though when it came to the original Nintendo or Playstation, they were more in line with helping us do better than causing a headache. Kinda like this:

Sure, it’s funny for a while, but after the second, third, or millionth time it happens, we’re ready to throw it out the window.

It’s this kind of thing that has fans up in arms and desperate for an alternative. We’ve been programed to accept mediocrity over the last few years, and when we speak up we get shouted down as “not true fans.”

Here’s the thing: It’s not wrong to demand something better

The in ring product has been borderline for a while now, and it’s bled over into the gaming world. Of course, WWE’s on top of it (Sorry, Shawn).

The question is, will they actually work to solve the issue or tell us to play something from “the minor league” if we’re not happy?

Days like this make me glad I still have a PS2 and an early copy of Raw vs Smackdown. It may not have the current stars, but it doesn’t glitch like the current product.

Remember, #FixWWE2K20 until they follow through. They may actually listen to us this time.

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