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Jon Moxley Stripped of IWGP US Championship


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For better or worse, Jon Moxley has seemed to live a mixed luck life after leaving the WWE. Sure, he’s a main eventer in AEW and in a great feud with Kenny Omega, but he also suffered an injured elbow that kept him out of a match with Kenny Omega, and now losing his IWGP United States Championship.

A little history

For those wondering, IWGP stands for International Wrestling Grand Prix, and is the New Japan Pro Wrestling governing body. Since it’s founding in 1972, the NJPW has regularly worked with the MMA and professional wrestling community like the NWA, WWE, WCW, Impact, etc by regularly hosting their talent when wresters either had down time or were “loaned out” by their promotions. Throughout the years, such names like Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Vader, and others have performed for NJPW, holding various titles.

The main problem is a typical one in wrestling: travel. Wrestlers are constantly on the move as it is, so their schedule often include stopovers in Japan and other areas, depending on what deals are in place.

Speaking of travel, that’s why this wasn’t Moxley’s fault

Because of Typhoon Hagibis (the largest typhoon to hit the area since the 1950s) Moxley wasn’t able to make his scheduled No Disqualification title match against Juice Robinson. He wasn’t the only one that couldn’t make it, but he’s the biggest name, so here we are.

There is talk that another reason he didn’t make the trip was because the brass at AEW wouldn’t allow him to. If true, it makes sense given the story line he’s currently working with Kenny Omega and the powers-that-be wouldn’t want to risk him suffering another injury.

It’s an unfortunate turn if that’s the case, but on the plus side, it shows he’s all in with AEW.

The new champion is…

Since Moxley couldn’t make it, New Japan announced Juice Robinson and Lance Archer would compete for the vacated title. Archer won, making it his third championship with NJPW.

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