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Brock Lesnar To Appear | WWE Monday Night Raw Preview (1/20/2020)


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WWE Monday Night Raw is fast approaching everyone! And on this show, for the third week in a row, Brock Lesnar will be making an appearance! Jordan Huie of the Overtimer here to give you the live recap and results from the show as they come, we are just an hour away from show time as I type this! We seem to have more being advertised than usual here tonight. This is perhaps a trend forming as the same was true for both Raw and SmackDown last week. I certainly appreciate it, it makes my job a lot easier! That said, let’s get into the next preview~!

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar to appear live once more

Even now, it still kinda gets me. Brock Lesnar is a world champion whose appearance has to be specially advertised, as it’s never a given. But having said that, he’s been on every episode of Raw this year thus far. Two weeks ago, Paul Heyman announced his surprise entry in the Men’s WWE Royal Rumble match. This even included the caveat that Lesnar would be entering the match at the #1 spot. The idea was that Lesnar felt no one on the roster was a worthy contender for his WWE Championship. So instead of giving one person a singles match, he would contend with everybody at once in the Royal Rumble.

His second appearance… saw him lay out R-Truth. Which led to Mojo Rawley taking the 24/7 Championship from him. This was, uh, slightly less significant. But given that this is the final episode of Monday Night Raw before the Rumble itself, I gotta think this appearance will be a little bit more important.

Lesnar may well find himself face to face with a more worthy opponent this go-round. None of the top stars of Raw have really challenged his claim that they don’t deserve a crack at him yet. That’s a little odd when you think about it. Personally, I’m also still kinda clinging to the idea that Lesnar should put his title on the line in this match if he’s going to be a part of it. This would be their last chance to announce such a thing, should they want to go that route.

One thing’s for sure, when Lesnar appears it’s almost always appointment television. Not something you can really say for most of Raw. Admittedly last week was an exception, but this one’s gotta be big, in theory.

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