Drew McIntyre wins the 2020 Men’s Royal Rumble | WWE


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Jordan Huie of the Overtimer, the time has come for the Men’s Royal Rumble match! I’ll be giving the coverage for this match, every five entrants will get their own article! This is to get the news out there as quickly as possible to you fans! Drew McIntyre just got the win but you can see my recap of the last part of this awesome Royal Rumble match below!

#26 hits the ring, it’s Roman Reigns!

He charges in, big shots and Superman Punches aplenty! He takes control until the buzzer sounds for #27 – it’s Kevin Owens! Cannonball city now, nailing everybody! And this brings out #28 Aleister Black! Black drills everybody with knees, even Edge gets a big one to the face. McIntyre charges for a Claymore, Black with a Black Mass outta nowhere! Randy Orton and Edge roll to the floor for old time’s sake.

#29 is Samoa Joe!

Joe and Black find themselves face to face! Exchange of stiff kicks, Enziguri shot in the corner from Joe! Owens with a cannonball to Black! Now coming face to face with his buddy Samoa Joe! They exchange forearms. Owens hits the ropes, inverted atomic drop from Joe, running big boot! And now for the last entry!

The last man out – it’s Seth Rollins!

Rollins comes out with AOP and Buddy Murphy backing him up! Joe and Owens rush out from the ring to bring the fight to the heel stable! The numbers quickly overwhelm them however. Rollins directs traffic, Murphy drags Edge out of the ring, Rollins and Murphy drive Edge into the barricade! AOP throw Randy Orton into the barricade! Rollins in the ring, hits the Stomp on Drew McIntyre! Thrust kick to the gut of Reigns, Stomp to Roman Reigns!! Hoists him up but Black stops him with a charging push kick to the back! Exchange of shots, Rollins with a knee to the gut but Black fires back with a high kick! Springboard Moonsault attempted but Murphy clips the legs and he falls to the mat! Enziguri kick from Rollins, he tosses Black! Aleister Black has been eliminated!

Kevin Owens surprises Rollins with a Stunner! Tosses him – but AOP catch him in mid-air! Throw him back into the ring, Owens tries fighting with AOP but Rollins sneaks up behind him and the three of them get him to the floor! Kevin Owens has been eliminated! Samoa Joe with the coquina clutch on Rollins! But Murphy attacks him from behind! Rollins manages to deposit him! Samoa Joe has been eliminated!  Owens, Joe and Black do battle with AOP and Murphy on the outside and they brawl their way up the ramp!

Now, Rollins alone in the ring, along with Edge, Roman Reigns, Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton!

Rollins tries to calm everyone down, standing in the middle of the ring as they’re all very, very pissed at him. Rollins wants to fist bump with Reigns of course. Superman Punch nails him instead! Edge throws him into a snap powerslam from Orton! Claymore Kick from McIntyre! And there he is, tossed from the ring! Seth Rollins has been eliminated!

Edge and Orton discussing something… charge, attacking Roman and McIntyre! Orton with an Inverted Backbreaker on Reigns! This Is Awesome chant, Orton with an RKO on Reigns! Edge with the Spear to McIntyre! Double RKO on McIntyre now! Orton sneaking up behind Edge… he flinches and notices him. Orton explains it’s all cool… Edge and Orton start to turn towards their foes, Edge throws Orton over the top rope!! Randy Orton has been eliminated. 

The best You Still Got It chant of all time. Edge and Roman Reigns face to face now! They exchange shots, until Reigns hits a Superman Punch! Boos rain down, having him eliminate Edge would be the worst idea! Reigns charges for Spear, Edge leapfrogs it!! Hits the ropes, spear!!! Throws him over the top but Roman holds on!! Edge wants a shoulder thrust but Roman avoids it, pulls him onto the apron! Exchange of blows here!! Roman clips the arms one by one and Edge falls! Edge has been eliminated!

Reigns struggles into the ring, Superman Punch to McIntyre! THrows him but McIntyre holding onto the apron! Hits the ropes for a Spear, CLAYMORE KICK! MCINTYRE DUMPS ROMAN REIGNS!

Winner: Drew McIntyre

That was a truly stupendous Royal Rumble match! Totally different from everything that came before it and, God Edge coming in just sent everything to another level. I can’t believe he’s back! I can’t believe he’s cleared! And not like psuedo-cleared, he wrestled for 25 minutes and took everything anyone would! AWWESOME!

And McIntyre got the nod after all! Simply incredible! So happy!!

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