NWA News: Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa Involved In Hit & Run, Is Raising Money To Fix Car

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NWA News: Women's Champion Thunder Rosa Involved In Hit & Run, Is Raising Money To Fix Car

On February 12th, 2020 the NWA Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa was involved in a Hit & Run. While she was thankfully alright, her car suffered damages and is in need of repairs. To a wrestler, a car is their lifeline. The job requires a lot of travel as you go from show to show, and where NWA works on a taped schedule, Rosa is picking up work in independent promotions and also fights in MMA. To help pay for damages, she is selling off some of her old ring gear.

Wrestling Isn’t The Most Profitable Job

Despite being a champion in one of the most historic promotions in wrestling, Thunder Rosa isn’t exactly making big bucks clearly. Car damage can be pricey, and not everyone has money laying around to quickly resolve these issues. This leads to wrestlers not signed to one of the big companies like WWE, AEW, or NJPW will often have to work at other endeavors to make money. You’ll occasionally see female wrestlers in particular have patreon accounts or premium snapchats where they use the lust of fans to generate extra money. One example of this is the new Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Jordeyyne Grace, who runs a patreon which has nearly 500 fans giving money each month to support her. Selling ring gear can be especially effect in a pinch, and is common place for both male & female talents.

Other Ways To Support Thunder Rosa

If buying used ring gear isn’t exactly your thing, but you want to pitch in, buying merch is a great help. Most independent wrestlers make most of their money through their merch stores, sales on sites like ProWrestlingTees, and the merch tables at shows. If there is any wrestlers you ever want to support, that is the best way to directly do it. Every bit helps, especially in situations like the one with Thunder Rosa. Fans have been supportive thus far, offering to donate to help without any benefit to themselves.

It’s unclear how much is needed to get her car back on the road, but hopefully she is able to get the situation under control as soon as possible.

You can catch Thunder Rosa in action every Tuesday evening on Youtube with NWA Powerrr, where she is showing that she is one of the best female wrestlers on the planet today.

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