Rhea Ripley def. Bianca Belair | WWE NXT TakeOver: Portland Results


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WWE NXT TakeOver: Portland rolls on and we’ve got another big title match on tap now, with WrestleMania implications on top of everything! Bianca Belair challenging Rhea Ripley for the NXT Women’s title! Bianca comes out with special gear focused on Black History Month, cape says ‘Black History In The Making’.

NXT Women’s Championship: Rhea Ripley (c) vs. Bianca Belair

Lock-up, shove each other away. Tied up once more, Rhea with a wristlock. Rhea with a shoulder strike, Bianca with a waistlock takedown. She takes Ripley into the corner, facewashes her. Ripley with an irish whip, Bianca floatsover and does a showy handspring only for Ripley to get her with a charging dropkick! And a standing dropkick now! Kicks her into the corner. Whip to the corner reversed, Ripley with a boot up but Bianca throws her to the mat. Dueling chant commences as Belair gets Ripley with a cravate.

Rhea fights her way up, bodyshots, Bianca with a headlock trip, standing moonsault for a 2 count! Hoists her up for a suplex but Ripley blocks, on the second attempt Bianca gets her with an awkward suplex that lands her on her side. Full nelson locked in. Ripley with a back body drop reversal, snapmare, stops to the back, basement dropkick! Wheelbarrow Facebuster, nearfall. Mare’s Grasp locked in! Mocking spanks as she cinches in! Belair rolls to her back and gives her a few upkicks, counter sends her into the post! Roll-up for a nearfall! Ripley charges but Bianca gets her with a big Spinebuster for a nearfall! Belair takes her up top, Rhea slaps her away! Bianca responds with one of her own! Loud smack from Ripley! Belair answers!

Slapping the crap out of each other until the crowd comes to their feet!

BELAIR WITH THE HAIR WHIP CRACKING ACROSS THE ABDOMEN! It’s been a while since she’s done that! Powers her off the top rope with a Military Press and walks with her as the crowd applauds! Slams her down hard! EST chant! Handspring Moonsault attempted but Rhea with the knees up! Wants the Riptide but Bianca escapes, tries the KOD but Ripley avoids it, Bianca whips her, leapfrog, Ripley surprises her with a dropkick but Bianca rebounds with a big spear! Exchange of shoulder thrusts and forearms!

Clubbering shots! “Women’s Wrestling” chant! Ripley with some spinning heel kicks, Bianca ducks them, charging forearm to the face, wants the Double Chickwing Slam, Rhea kicks away, Hair Whip avoided this time, Ripley charges, Bianca with a back body drop sends her over the top rope! Ripley tries to land on her feet, can’t quite do it and staggers her way up – Belair hits the ropes for a crazy flip tope! Ripley ducks a shot, Facebuster onto the steps! Throws her into the ring, Belair low bridges her on a charge, Ripley onto the apron, fights her away. Goes up top! Pulls Belair up top as well! Bianca fighting, hooks her for a superplex! Ripley with a headbutt! Sunset Flip Bomb attempted but Belair hangs on! Ripley grabs her hand through her legs through – into the Riptide! And there is the win!

Winner: Rhea Ripley

Awesome match! The first TakeOver Women’s title match to not involve Shayna Baszler since the original TakeOver: WarGames and coincidentally, the best TakeOver Women’s title match since then as well! Afterwards, unsurprisingly, Charlotte Flair attacks Ripley from behind to a big reaction! Flair gets on the mic and says, she thought about it… and she’ll see you at WrestleMania! Gets her with a Bow Down To The Queen and hoists up the NXT Women’s title! On her way out, she also throws Belair into the steps! Big heat as she poses triumphantly. “You Don’t Go Here” chant as she makes her leave.

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