Will WWE Re-Sign The Hardy Boyz on March 1st?


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Will WWE Re-Sign The Hardy Boyz on March 1st?

The situation with the Hardy Boyz’s contract status is an interesting one. The duo’s WWE contracts come up March 1st and it appears that there is no interest on the company’s end to renew Matt Hardy’s deal. What does the future hold for the Hardys in roughly two weeks’ time? 

The Hardy Boyz On Hold 

Currently, Jeff Hardy is scheduled to return from a lengthy period of recouping from a leg injury. The injury was picked up in April of last year and resulted in the Hardy Boyz relinquishing their WWE SmackDown Tag Titles in late April. With Jeff out of action, Matt was on house show duty for most of the year 

Most significant of this period was suffering multiple losses to Samoa Joe in bids for the WWE U.S Title during the European tour that May. That July, he took back-to-back losses to then-Intercontinental champion, Shinsuke Nakamura. At the end of 2019, he made a few appearances on WWE RAW but wasn’t involved in anything. 

Meanwhile, Jeff has been healing up his leg and is scheduled to head to the WWE Performance Center soon. This is to see if he’s back in ring shape or if he needs more time.  

Will The Hardys Be Re-Signed? 

That’s the best-case scenario. WWE could just as easily decide to just drop Jeff Hardy if he’s not good to go. If they release Jeff, then they’re likely to cut Matt as well since Jeff has been the big selling point for bringing them in as a pair when WWE is concerned. Without Jeff, WWE’s interest in Matt would’ve probably stopped at Performance Center trainer. 

While Matt Hardy could definitely teach the incoming talent several things about the WWE style, he’s always come off as someone who should be in the ring. In the last few years, he grew character-wise after getting away from WWE and being involved with new creative juices. 

Being away from WWE would benefit Matt Hardy career-wise. He thrives when he’s free of WWE creative and eventually milling about the midcard. He gets freedom and can sell himself as his own brand separate from Jeff. This means WWE not re-signing him or Matt turning down a new contract would be a pro. 

As for Jeff, that’s harder to say. He’s looking at a new contract if his time at Performance Center goes well. However, Matt’s contractual fate could determine what Jeff does. 

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