WWE News: Cathy Kelley Leaving Company


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WWE News: Cathy Kelley Leaving Company

One of the best backstage interviewers WWE has ever had has announced that her final day with the company will come at NXT Takeover Portland. Cathy Kelley has been working with WWE since 2016, and has been a fixture of the companies online exclusive content, as well as part of NXT & Smackdown in the past.

Cathy is one of the best broadcast personalities in WWE, and while she branched out across enough WWE content to show everyone this. She was arguably wasted whenever she would show up as backstage correspondent. If you’re talented and quick on your feet, that doesn’t really matter to WWE. They just want someone to look pretty, hold a microphone and say “Joining me now, Ricochet.”. If you’re Tom Phillips, you also need to squat down to make sure you aren’t taller than performers, but backstage interviewers are fairly one note in WWE.

News Announced On Twitter

This was announced by Cathy Kelley on her Twitter page. She was thankful about the chances she got as part of WWE, and that they had given her creative freedom on the pieces she would be able to do for WWE.com. Cathy thanked fans for all their support over her tenure in WWE, and said she doesn’t quite know what will be her next step is yet.

Cathy Kelley Would Have Been A Great Pick For Commentary

With quick wit and ability to improvise being key things that made Kelley great, she would have hit the spot if chosen for a commentary role in NXT. They added WWE Hall Of Famer Beth Phoenix to the team, who previously worked on commentary for the Mixed Match Challenge and even some WWE PPV’s.  She was a great choice, but Cathy Kelley would have been a very fresh voice to help call action alongside Mauro Ranallo & Nigel McGuniness.

What Could Be Next For Cathy Kelley?

Many have predicted she will stay within the realm of sports, even possibly joining the broadcast teams for the recently revived XFL. She would be a great fit on platforms like ESPN or Fox Sports.

Where do you think Cathy Kelley will show up next? Will you be sad to see her leave WWE after this Sunday? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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