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Brodie Lee In Action | AEW Dynamite Preview | All Elite Wrestling


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All Elite Wrestling brings us another episode of AEW Dynamite tonight! Last week, we finally saw the heavily anticipated reveal of the Exalted One and it ended up being the former Luke Harper, now back to his original ringname Brodie Lee! Tonight, we will see him in the ring for the first time! I’m Jordan Huie of the Overtimer and as always, you can expect full coverage of this evening’s show. That means a full recap and results, plus previews of everything currently announced*. Let’s get to it!

Brodie Lee Will Be In Action Tonight

After months of taunting, teasing, anticipation and speculation, we finally learned the true identity of the Exalted One, the shadowy leader of the Dark Order. It turned out to be none other than Brodie Lee. It will always be a little bit of a shame that he didn’t get to be unveiled in his hometown of Rochester like he was planned to, it would’ve been truly electric. But even with no crowd there, the reveal sent shockwaves all the same and he looks primed to have some big momentum going into the next few months.

Tonight, we will see Brodie Lee in action in AEW for the first time. And if you don’t count the Worlds Collide show back in April of 2019, it’s the first time we’ve gotten the chance to see this man in a televised singles match since June of 2018. I myself cannot wait. 2019 was a loooong year for Brodie. He’s got to have a lot of frustrations to vent right about now and he’s gonna let whoever he’s up against have it. As the title suggests, his opponent has not been named which basically means he’s scheduled to win a squash match. Brodie over.

No doubt Brodie is currently on a collision course with Christopher Daniels, the most ardent denier of the Exalted One and currently the prime enemy of the Dark Order. If AEW is still doing the wrestlers-make-the-crowd thing, I’m guessing Daniels may even be there to watch him work.


  • *Last week, two matches were announced: a Lumberjack match between Luchasaurus and Wardlow, plus a Parking Lot Brawl pitting the Best Friends against the Lucha Bros. While neither of these matches were deconfirmed, they are no longer actively advertising them and given the worsening circumstances, a Lumberjack match in particular seems unlikely. 

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