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All Elite Wrestling brings us another episode of AEW Dynamite tonight, already in progress as we speak! Last week, we finally saw the heavily anticipated reveal of the Exalted On- oh wait… wrong preview. We saw the first official AEW appearance of the one and only Broken Matt Hardy! Tonight, Chris Jericho & Matt Hardy come face to face! I’m Jordan Huie of the Overtimer and as always, you can expect full coverage of this evening’s show. That means a full recap and results, plus previews of everything currently announced*. Let’s get to it!

Chris Jericho And Matt Hardy To Come Face-To-Face

Last week, Matt Hardy made his triumphant debut and in the process was announced as the fifth man for the Elite, subbing in for Nick Jackson in the first-ever AEW Blood and Guts match. That match was meant to happen here tonight but due to the circumstances it was not possible. So instead, Matt will be having a confrontation with Chris Jericho here tonight. It’s being uniquely advertised as the first time this has happened. Whilst the two have had matches together, they’ve evidently never had a promo battle. I suppose Jericho never really feuded with either of the Hardys.

It’s a pretty cool hook considering that Chris Jericho established himself, in many eyes, as the best promo in the business last year and certainly he’s had no shortage of entertaining segments. He can seemingly take any concept and make it into something fantastic. And that’s pretty promising when you consider that tonight he squares off with Matt Hardy who, in some ways, is similar to Chris. He shares his aptitude for reinvention, something that has helped both of these men stay relevant for much longer than anyone could’ve ever expected. Even in his last few WWE appearances, Matt showed what a great promo he can be. So when Chris Jericho & Matt Hardy to be coming face to face here in a promo battle, it should certainly be a memorable segment. We’ll see what happens.


  • *Last week, two matches were announced: a Lumberjack match between Luchasaurus and Wardlow, plus a Parking Lot Brawl pitting the Best Friends against the Lucha Bros. While neither of these matches were deconfirmed, they are no longer actively advertising them and given the worsening circumstances, a Lumberjack match in particular seems unlikely. 

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