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AEW Dynamite continues. Cody is hot over Jake Robert’s promo, says he doesn’t want to be a whiny babyface about this but Lance Archer has no body of work here and he doesn’t start with Cody. But he can debut next week. Then we see a video from Darby Allin where he talks about a man who wanted to see how bad things could get before he could learn. He talks about not seeing anything superbad about Kip Sabian and says he is nothing more than a sacrifice for the sins of the Inner Circle. One by one he wears all their masks and then sets fire to them. This sets up the Darby Allin/Kip Sabian match, which starts right now! As Sabian is on the way out we see a replay of what happened last week between Kip and Colt Cabana.

Darby Allin vs. Kip Sabian

To start, Darby has Kip in a headlock. Shot off, crossbody for a 1 count, Sabian rolls away and gets some advice from Ford. Allin gets the headlock back in, Sabian with a stomp to the foot, hits the ropes but Darby ducks a clothesline, roll-up for 2. Sabian bails. Darby waits impatiently for him to get back in the ring. Kip wants a Test of Strength. Darby goes for it, Kip kicks him in the gut. Sabian has the headlock on now. Darby shoots him off, Kip with a shoulder block. Darby leap frogs, Springboard Lucha Arm Drag, kip up! Sabian rolls out of the ring, Darby looks furious.

Allin rolls from the ring, gets a huuuge head of steam to charge at Kip, but Ford pulls him out of the way and Darby smashes into the barrier, sending it sliding about ten feet away! Sabian drags Darby to the steps and stomps him against them before we cut to commercial. It was way later than intended, definitely less people in production this week. We come back to see Ford stomping Darby into the floor as Kip distracts the ref. Darby rolls back into the ring, escapes from a fireman’s carry, big slaps to the face! Back elbow out of the corner, boots up, rolls above, charging dropkick to the chest sends Sabian into the corner!

Darby staggers, charges for a body block. Over The Top Stunner! Cover for a nearfall! Kip drives him into the corner, tons of shoulder thrusts. Kip takes him down, grinds Darby’s back against the ringpost! Springboard Kick, Darby ducks it, avoids a shot taking him to the floor, wants a suicide dive but Penelope blocks him. Sabian swaggers away, but Darby shocks him with a dive from the opposing angle! Ford grabs Darby’s ankle, Kip with the Springboard Dropkick! Rope-Hung Neckbreaker for a nearfall! Kip with push kicks to the face, Darby fires up to his feet with a few shots, hits the ropes but Sabian blocks with a pop-up punch to the face! But Darby rolls him to the mat, Last Supper cinched in and gets the pin!

Winner: Darby Allin

Neat win there, it is pretty nice that Darby has a finish other than the Coffin Drop since that’s such a debilitating move, he can make that a bit more rare.

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