Hangman Page Needs A Partner For AEW Dynamite, Who Will It Be?

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Hangman Page Needs A Partner For AEW Dynamite, Who Will It Be?

At Revolution, Kenny Omega would suffer a minor hand injury. While it isn’t bad enough to force them to vacate the championships, Omega will not be able to make it to a non-title match with Inner Circle standouts Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara on the next episode of AEW Dynamite. Because of this, Hangman Page will be accompanied by a mystery partner. Who are some possible choices to fill this role?

Matt Jackson Is A Fellow Member Of The Elite

In the match at Revolution, there was a clear level of animosity between Matt Jackson & Hangman Page. They were laying into each other and did some serious damage. Despite this, they are still allies in The Elite. With Nick Jackson out of action due to his wife about to give birth, Matt needs something to keep him on TV and teaming with Hangman might be exactly what is needed. This could lead to a scenario where Hangman Page will refuse to tag in Matt Jackson due to his pride, allowing The Inner Circle to pin one half of the tag team champions, and earning a future title shot.

Jon Moxley Has Beef With The Inner Circle

Despite being able to defeat Chris Jericho & The Inner Circle at Revolution, Jon Moxley isn’t through with them yet. This past week on Dynamite he was beaten down prior to the planned main event match where he would team with Darby Allin to face Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara. With yet another bone to pick with this faction, and no strong allies of his own, we could see a temporary alliance formed with The Elite. Hangman Page is someone destined to be a future AEW Champion however, so Moxley would have to watch his back.

James Storm Could Be Hangman Page Drinking Buddy

This one is very much a stretch but it would be an incredibly fun one off. Hangman Page as of late has been leaning a bit too hard into his drinking. There is only one man in wrestling who can match him in this regard, and that is NWA wrestler James Storm. He was the Beer half of the old team of Beer Money with Bobby Roode. James Storm is also another alcoholic cowboy roaming the wrestling world. Storm would be a kindred spirit for Hangman Page to bond with. James Storm is a tag team champion in NWA with Eli Drake, so he would have the skills to hop into another tag team for one night. Perhaps Hangman could also return the favor and show up in NWA down the line?

Who do you want to see join in to help Hangman Page against The Inner Circle this Wednesday on Dynamite? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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