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AEW Dynamite continues. We see a few recaps, including the attack on Nick Jackson. We then see a POV of Vanguard 1 checking in on Nick working out in the garage. It identifies him as Nicholas Jackson and verifies that his recovery is at 61%. Nick sees it and goes after it, it just flies away into the sky. Out comes Sammy Guevara, with his signs he’s drawn some friends to sit in the stands and cheer him on. He will face Kenny Omega in the first-ever AAA Mega Championship match in Dynamite history. As Kenny comes out, Sammy goes into one of the chairs and chants “Kenny sucks”. Brandi Rhodes announces this is the main event of the evening, this will be a long one.

AAA Mega Championship: Kenny Omega (c) vs. Sammy Guevara

Lock-up, Sammy takes him into the ropes, break is forced. Sammy with a waistlock takedown, poses on his back with a flex. Facelock, Kenny up to his feet, wristlock escape. Sammy claws at his face but can’t break it. Waistlock takedown, roll, slaps to the back of the head, Sammy escapes and makes his way to his feet. Takes him down, another front facelock. Guevara backflips and takes control of the lock, arm drag exchange, Sammy with a leap frog, back flips over him, dropkick takes Omega to the outside, Sammy kips up and spins into a pose! Kenny rushes into the ring, Sammy takes him into the ropes, hands at the eyes.

Dropkick takes Kenny out into the floor. Sammy throws him shoulder first into the ring post. Smashes that injured hand into the apron. Guevara slams him into the barrier. Kenny and Sammy exchange chops, Sammy with a knee to the gut. Rolls in and out to break the count, Kenny whips him but he leaps out into the crowd area, talks to the drawing of Brandi. Kenny charges, wants a punch but Sammy was baiting him, grabs him and slams it into the barrier! Sammy grabs up the sign of Brandi and violently makes out with it. We see Brandi looking on in disgust from the ring announcer’s table. Commercial break.

We come back to see Sammy taking Kenny up from the mat and tossing him to the outside. He slams the hand into the barrier once more, again comes up to talk to Brandi. Kenny whips him around, nails him in the face with his cast! Back suplex, Sammy escapes out the back, ducks a shot and again goes over to Brandi, just to get a slap to the face! Kenny with a Snap Dragon onto the floor! Drives him into the steps! And again! Throws him into the ring, goes up top, crossbody for a nearfall!

Forearms nailing him in the corner, Guevara ducks a clothesline, leaps at him, Kenny catches him out of the air but Sammy rolls him to the mat with a cross armbreaker! Kenny gets a foot on the ropes to break the hold, Sammy holds on for an extra couple of seconds. Stomps the bum arm of Kenny. Pulls Omega out to the apron, slams his hand into the apron. Sammy back into the ring, tackles him against the mat, stomp to the injured hand. Wants a standing moonsault onto the hand but Kenny pulls away and he crashes and burns! Loooud knife edge chop! And another! Teases a punch, Sammy flinches, Kenny with a kick to the gut, headbutt!

Pulls him to the center of the ring, hoists him up, You Can’t Escape attempted but Sammy bites the injured hand to break it! Tosses him up, kick to the back! Covers for a nearfall! Babyfaces backstage chanting for “Kenny”. Sammy working over the cast, stomps it, elbow drop onto it. Covers for 2. Half Straitjacket hold, hand cinched onto the bum hand. Omega fights his way to his feet, elbow to the gut. Sammy surprises him with a stiff lariat to the ear! Wicked punch to the jaw! Guevara pulls him out for a suplex right as we go to commercial.

We come back seeing an exchange of forearms, Omega wants a German but Guevara elbows out of it. Push kick sends him into the corner! Double axe handles begin, but he’s favoring that broken hand. Wants a discus but Sammy with a spin kick! Hits the ropes, Kenny with a Polish Hammer for a nearfall! Kenny wants a whip, Sammy holds onto the rope. Hits the hand, but Kenny reverses a whip, low dropkick, cover for 2! Pulls him up by the hair, hooking for the Snap Dragon but Sammy breaks out of it, wants to rush away but Omega with a smack to the back, tries the Snap Dragon again but Kenny counters into the cradle for a nearfall, Guevara with a double boot to the gut, standing shooting star for a nearfall!

Kenny takes him to the apron, Sammy kicks the hand, Springboard Cutter! Kenny rolls from the ring, Sammy with a high speed flip tope! Throws him into the ring, wants a Springboard Rana but Kenny counters into a sudden sitout powerbomb! Rolls him through for the V-Trigger! Tiger Driver attempted but Sammy with a rana counter, C-4 for a nearfall! Sammy struggles to the top rope. Shooting Star Press, Kenny evades it and Sammy crashes into the mat! Kenny with a huge V-Trigger flips Sammy inside out! Kenny wants the finger gun but Sammy bites the hand! So in response Kenny gets him with a huge V-Trigger! Hits the ropes for another, Sammy avoids it, lands on his feet off the Snap Dragon attempt, roundhouse kick to the face, Ushigoroshi nailed flush but another V-Trigger blasts him, Tiger Driver for the nearfall! One more brutal V-Trigger, One Winged Angel for the win!

Winner: Kenny Omega

Quite the full length one there, about as good a match as can be had in an Empty Arena.

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