WWE News: The Mighty Don’t Kneel Reformed In NXT With Shane Thorne & Elliot Sexton

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While they have been known by a few different names in NXT, the Australian Duo of Nick Miller & Shane Thorne were one of the most exciting tag teams in NXT during their time there. Nick Miller left the company to return home to Australia, and also finding his way into NJPW, leaving Shane high & dry. Shane Thorne tried his hand at a solo run, and even was able to get a few wins in the process. Despite this, he has now reformed a tag team in a similar mold to that of his one with Miller.

Enter Elliot Sexton

While NXT fans knew the team of Miller & Thorne, they came from a much bigger faction known as The Mighty Don’t Kneel. This also included Elliot Sexton, Jonah Rock, Marcius Pitt and Slex. Johan Rock made it to NXT as Bronson Reed, and Elliot Sexton has also been signed to NXT while keeping his name. It only makes sense for these Austrailians to stick together, as the tag team division needs some members. Elliot & Shane have been seen working as a team on the NXT live event circuit, making them a great addition to the division.

Will Bronson Reed Also Join Shane Thorne

While Bronson Reed has been able to appear on NXT TV as part of the Breakout Tournament, and in a showcase against Roderick Strong, he has yet to truly make an impact. He is a hard hitting individual, the King Of Aussie Strong Style, but if he joined his old stablemates, they could be a force to reckoned with. Factions have always been the key to success in NXT, with Undisputed Era being the latest example. Add in fellow Austrailians in Billie Kay & Peyton Royce, and the group would be extremely well rounded.

Until then, we should expect to see The Mighty Don’t Kneel reintroduce themselves in the NXT tag team division. With so few teams in the division, they should be able to make a splash right away. They faced NXT Tag Team Champions Pete Dunne & Matt Riddle on the noted appearance, meaning they already have a taste of the best of the best as a team.

Do you think Shane Thorne & Elliot Sexton could have more success than the team of Miller & Thorne? Will Bronson Reed join them? Let us now what you think in the comment section down below.

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