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WWE NXT Results: Ever-Rise vs. Indus Sher


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A few weeks ago, Malcolm Bivens would finally make his manager debut in NXT. This was after Matt Riddle went to war with Roderick Strong, he would be preceeded by his clients. This is the duo now known as Indus Sher, the Indian giants of Rinku & Saurav. With NXT Tag Team Championship glory on their minds, they look to follow in the footsteps of the Authors Of Pain & War Raiders, and carve a path through NXT. Their first challenge would come in Ever-Rise, who are still looking for their first win in NXT. Would Indus Sher’s dominence be cut short, or would Ever-Rise fail to rise once again?

Indus Sher Make Quick Work Of Ever-Rise

While Quebec born Ever-Rise members Chase Parker & Matt Martel have the experience edge over Rinku & Saurav, things would not go as planned for the long time tag team specialists. Despite this being the in-ring debut on NXT for Indus Sher, it would be a dominant one. Rinku would start with Martel, and attempt an armlock, but Rinku would power out. Martel would be thrown into the corner, and tag in Parker. Quick tags from Ever-Rise would get them an advantage, as they hit a nice enzuguri in the corner to Rinku while isolating him from his partner. They would be unable to even get a one count despite their best assault, as Rinku would take Parker out with a lariat. Rinku tagged in Saurav, who hit a huge bodyslam to Parker, before tagging Rinku back in. A double hip toss would send Parker across the ring, before being stomped down. The match would end with their tag team finisher, a backbreaker comboed with a diving elbow drop.

The NXT Tag Division Is Being Steadily Rebuilt

Under the new NXT Tag Team Champions Matt Riddle & Pete Dunne, an intense race has begun to challenge them. Indus Sher will join teams like The Grizzled Young Veterns, Undisputed Era, and the Brit-Am Brawlers, as well as undercard teams like Ever-Rise and the newly reformed TMDK. After losing teams like War Raiders and Heavy Machinery, the division was sparse, but there will always be another team looking for their shot. Do you think Indus Sher will become NXT Tag Team Champions? Or are they doomed to be forgotten by time? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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