Bobby Lashley & MVP vs. Street Profits Ends In DQ, McIntyre and Lashley Brawl | WWE Raw Results (5/25/2020)


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WWE Monday Night Raw is almost over, just the main event left. A main event that was made seemingly on a whim two hours into the show granted, but a main event all the same. We’re told that next week we’ll see Seth Rollins face off with Aleister Black and apparently Rey Mysterio will be having his retirement ceremony. I uh, have my doubts about that. Anyway, MVP and Bobby Lashley now face off with the Street Profits.

WWE Raw Tag Team Champions The Street Profits vs. MVP & Bobby Lashley (Non-title)

Montez Ford and Bobby Lashley start. Ford outspeeds him to avoid his grasp and rolls around the ring mocking him. Side headlock cinched, Lashley shoots him off, shoulder block and a big flex! Hits the ropes, leap frogs from Ford, Lashley dives at him but Ford leaps over a double leg! But Bobby drives him into the corner, shoulder thrusts! Pulls him out of the corner, Flatliner for a nearfall! Brings him to the heel corner, MVP tags in and drives Ford hard into the corner! Tag to Lashley, MVP holds Ford in the corner for a massive spear! Lashley then takes Ford up with a big Delayed Vertical Suplex but Ford escapes, tag to Dawkins, double dropkick takes Lashley to the floor!

MVP and Bobby converge on the outside, Ford tries for a tope, they both avoid it but Ford lands on his feet! Up to the apron, he avoids a leg clip from MVP but Lashley nails him and takes him into the barrier! Then he hoists him up and posts him, sending him spiraling through the air! Commercial break. We come back to see MVP holding Ford down with a headlock. Pummels him into the heel corner, tag to Lashley, drives his elbow repeatedly into his head. Clubbers him. Big right hand to the face! Side Slam for a nearfall. Dumps him to the outside, tag to MVP! He goes out there and throws him into the steps!

Takes him back into the ring, covers for a 2 count! Covers again for another nearfall, whirs behind him and gets him in a half chickenwing. Ford fights his way up, MVP with a shot to the face, whip to the corner! Playa’s Boot, Ford evades it! MVP is hurting after that miss. Ford with a big haymaker, dives for the tag to Dawkins! Angelo is a house of fire, couple of clotheslines, flying back elbow! Spinebuster, Spinning Stinger Splash! Bulldog! And he knocks Lashley off the apron! And Ford drives him into the barricade! Dawkins tags Ford back in, Angelo with a Spinebuster to MVP, Ford hits the From The Heavens Frog Splash! But Lashley in the ring to break it up and grabs him with a Full Nelson! Ref demands he let go and he refuses, there’s the DQ.

Winners: The Street Profits (By DQ)

Another DQ but this one’s probably the best of the like four they’ve done in the past few months, kinda had to feel it coming with how it was done. Afterwards Drew McIntyre comes out to attack Lashley and pull him off of Ford, they fight to the outside! McIntyre drives him into the post and into the ring! Drew with mounted punches! Ref is asking for help and he’s getting the Performance Center trainees to rush into the ring to pull McIntyre off… Drew with a Glasgow Kiss to both of them! But this lets Lashley spear him! More help rush the ring as somehow Drew’s gotten the upperhand again, I guess that wasn’t meant to be a real spear. McIntyre and Lashley clear the ring after being pulled apart. Finally they actually send everybody and they separate them as the show goes off the air.

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