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Elias def. King Corbin, Advances In Intercontinental Title Tournament | WWE SmackDown Results (5/15/2020)


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WWE Friday Night SmackDown continues. We’ve got the Intercontinental Title tournament starting now, with the first match pitting Elias against King Corbin.

King Corbin vs. Elias

They brawl around the mat to start. Corbin with a half nelson, Elias snapmares him away. Corbin with an elbow to the back of the head, and back into the half nelson. King Corbin takes him to the mat and has his opposite hand around his chin now. Crossface blows and the hold is reapplied. Elias fights his way to his feet. Elbows to the gut. Breaks the hold. Whip reversed, Elias with the mule kick, ducks a clothesline and instead clotheslines Corbin right to the floor. Now Elias going up top! Comes off with a uh, not quite a High Fly Flow but he does leap and he does make contact. As he tries to pull Corbin up though he fights back, sends him into the barrier and rolls him into the ring.

Corbin has a big smile as he goes over and grabs Elias’ guitar. He strums a bit and it sounds like hell. Elias with a baseball slide right into Corbin, sends him into the barricade and then into the steps! Posts him! And throws him over the barrier as we go to commercial. Back in the ring as we come back, Elias goes for Old School but Corbin trips him and he lands right on the top rope. He ends up spilling to the outside, Corbin pursues and puts him on the announce table, pounding him with right hands. Rolls him back into the ring, cover for a 2 count.

King Corbin pounds on him, grinds his neck into the bottom rope. Elbows, knees. Whip to the corner, charge, Elias side steps but Corbin with a Ring Around The Ringpost gets a nearfall! Short-arm clothesline, and Corbin keeping a hold of the wrist. Growls “That championship is mine”. Pulls him up to his feet and nails him again. Elias blocks the third one though and counters with a Spinning Neckbreaker. Elias is mad, stomps him into the ropes, pulls him out for basically a Crossrhodes, nearfall. Running knee drop.

Now he’s going up top, Corbin seems a bit far away but he’s up there… tries for the Splash, Corbin makes it to his feet to force a leap frog, nails him, Elias sends him outside, Ring Around The Ringpost attempted again but Elias ducks the clothesline only to be taken down with a Spinebuster! Corbin takes Elias up top and pursues. Elias slips between his legs and attacks him, Electric Chair! No, Corbin slips behind him, big Chokeslam for a nearfall! Corbin mounts him and sends more punches. Goes outside to take up the guitar and smash it across the ringpost. The LED breaks but only for a few seconds thankfully. Corbin rolls into the ring, Elias surprises him with a high knee and then an inside cradle gets the pin!

Winner: Elias

I’m honestly a bit surprised. But then again the other side of this bracket has a heel/heel match in AJ/Shinsuke so maybe it should’ve been obvious.

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