Ric Flair Predicts Randy Orton Will Defeat Edge | WWE Raw Results (5/25/2020)


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WWE Monday Night Raw continues. Backstage Drew McIntyre is being interviewed on his way out and is told that MVP and Lashley will be facing the Street Profits. After hearing that, Drew decides he’ll be sticking around after all. We see a replay of Rob Gronkowski’s 24/7 title win. R-Truth then explains that he’s been told that Tom Brady is not the 24/7 Champion but it is actually Rob Gronkowski. Truth tells everyone to be nice to Tom because it hurts to lose that title, especially to a friend. Shame on you, Gronk! Truth makes it clear he’s going after him. Rob Gronkowski sits in his weight room with the title telling Truth that he knows he has fond memories with the title but it’s his now. Says the whole nine yards championship belongs to him and he’ll see him coming because he has eyes in the back of his head. Bobby and MVP are interviewed about the Street Profits but they, don’t respond? The promo just kinda cuts off and we move onto the Ric Flair guest appearance. Okay.

We then see Ric talking up how he has participated in more great wrestling matches than any man to ever walk the aisle. So the WWE reaches out to Naitch and they ask him what will be the outcome to what many consider the greatest wrestling match ever, in Edge vs. Orton. Flair says ever since he stopped the kiss stealing and wheelin’ and dealin’, the best in-ring performer in the game today is Randy Orton, the Legend Killer, the Viper. So Flair predicts Orton will win. Given their ties this was honestly kind of the obvious choice, Flair never really had much tie to Edge beyond feuding with him around the time he won the WWE title. I predict they’ll be asking Christian or Lita, maybe Jeff Hardy next.

We then see a snippet of the next part of the Last Ride documentary. Hilariously he talks about his envy for Shawn Michaels’ great retirement and the way he stayed retired. This was clearly filmed years ago. We see another heart-to-heart promo with Liv Morgan talking about how her biggest obstacle was her own self-worth. Says for years she didn’t know what life had in store for her but she figured out what she wanted to be the first time she got her gear in WWE. Says she doesn’t have all the answers because life keeps changing the questions, but she’s living her best life.

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