Should Major League Wrestling Introduce A Trios Title?

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After watching the five-episode Super Series between Major League Wrestling and Lucha Libre AAA, I got to thinking. It’s not totally unusual for a promotion to take in some influences from an international partner. New Japan Pro-Wrestling has had a working relationship with CMLL for years and pretty took up the trios approach with the NEVER 6-Man Tag Title. Ring of Honor did the same. 

MLW itself was founded as a battleground where different styles come together in forming the promotion’s Hybrid Wrestling product. However, Major League Wrestling could draw in more international influences. 

Major League Wrestling Should Establish A Trios Title 

Right now, MLW has a few teams to make up the foundation of a trios or 6-man title division. Team Filthy, Injustice, Los Parks, and Dynasty are the factions and teams that come to mind. Since the company runs a few shows a year—between eleven and twelve—these four teams would be enough for the first year if the belt stays in a storyline. 

There could’ve been more dedicated teams had Teddy Hart not gotten in trouble. Then we’re talking enough to carry things on for beyond a year. To make for some new competition in the division, teams could be created or you could go with random trios. 

MLW Has A Very Important Partnership In Place 

What would bolster Major League Wrestling’s trios division is their working agreement with Lucha Libre AAA. The promotion has a number of trios teams and wrestlers who have regularly done trios matches. If MLW really wanted to put the division over the top, they would run it under lucha libre tag rules where wrestlers don’t have to tag out, they just have to leave the ring. 

This would keep the action constant so that there are no lulls in the match. Of course, it could just be competed under regular rules and still be an exciting edition to MLW Fusion and their monthly shows. 

As far as storylines go, MLW would be able to get six people involved at once. There’s also that occasional drama that comes from a team being down a man and looking for third. Who knows which wrestler will answer the call? How will they gel with this established tag team? Can they form a cohesive trio that could take the trios straps? 

At the moment, Major League Wrestling is still growing but adding favorable elements from other promotions can only make the product pop more. 

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