The Miz vs. Braun Strowman Announced, Up Next | WWE SmackDown Results (5/22/2020)

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WWE Friday Night SmackDown commences. We begin with a shot of an American flag and a quote from Ronald Reagan. It’s a Memorial Day tribute. We begin proper with the Dirt Sheet and in hindsight, really glad they decided to keep Howard Finkel’s voiceover intro. The Miz refuses to acknowledge that we live in a world where this man is Mr. Money In The Bank. Quick shot of Otis celebrating with his briefcase. Morrison says “More like Mr. Money In The Bank”. They insult him as much as possible, say people enable him, people like Braun Strowman.

Miz says Braun got in their business last week when Otis took them on. Says it’s stupid that Braun would choose to team with him when he’s got a shot at his title whenever he wants. Morrison says it’s about as stupid as Becky Lynch choosing to have a baby with Seth Rollins. We’re talking about a guy who Bray Wyatt replaced with puppets. Yep, he had a choice, Braun Strowman or stuffed animals and he correctly chose stuffed animals. So they show us a few other puppets that are better than Braun Strowman. They’re sock puppets. One can only poop from it’s mouth.

We finish with a ‘mannequin’ that I think is actually a barbie doll shot from really close up, but they call it “Mandyquin Rose”. Mandyquin claims that not everything about Braun is a monster, which Miz & Morrison gasp at and claim is going too far. Braun Strowman’s theme finally hits. He makes his way out and gets in their faces and roars, laughing as they back up. Braun tosses the furniture around and says the show is actually pretty funny as much as he hates to admit it. He didn’t pick a good week to say this. He thanks them for having them on the show but Morrison says he’s not actually their guest. He brings up Bray Wyatt and Miz points out that Bray can’t possibly be done with him. Says Bray sent him spiraling like never before until Morrison picked him up. Claims Braun won’t have the same luck. Morrison tells Braun that he is not the man that the Miz is and when he steps in the ring with Miz he won’t know what hit him. Miz is appalled and tries to cut Morrison off but he keeps talking anyway and Braun accepts the challenge. Strowman vs. Miz up next.

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