WWE 205 Live Results: Tony Nese vs. Tyler Breeze

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WWE 205 Live Results: Tony Nese vs. Tyler Breeze

This week on 205 Live, things would kick off with Prince Pretty himself. After a win over Tehuti Miles two weeks ago and an impressive showing against Isiah Scott last week, Tyler Breeze is flying high as he looks to knock off a former Cruiserweight Champion in Tony Nese. Nese is on a losing streak, having went 0-3 in the Cruiserweight Championship tournament, and then fell to Gallagher last week on 205 Live. Breeze has a previous win over Nese, will history repeat itself?

A Slow Paced Start

Breeze & Nese would lock up with Nese getting the upper-hand, only to release control to literally flex on Breeze, showing off his impressive physique. They would lock up once again, with Nese this time shoving Breeze into the corner, forcing the referee to break them up. It would be a clean break, but Breeze woulld gain control after a snapmare into a headlock, slowing Nese down to control the pace of the match. A quick legdrop would get a near fall, and it would be right back to the headlock. Nese would fight back to his feet, and shove Breeze to the ropes to break the hold.

Coming off the ropes, Breeze would look for a sunset flip, only for Nese to roll through and hit a stiff spinning kick instead. Some grounded strikes would let Nese pummel Breeze, before picking him up to slam him into the mat. Body scissors would let Nese suck some breath out of Breeze, but control would be reversed after Breeze hit some forearms.

Back to their feet, Nese would grab the head of Breeze and lead over the top rope, sending Breeze throat first into the rope. This would be followed up with Nese looking for a springboard moonsault, which Breeze dodged. A series of quick kicks would let Breeze regain control, but a quick trip from Nese would give him a second chance at his springboard moonsault, this time nailing it for a two count.

Tony Nese & Tyler Breeze Pick The Pace Up

In an odd move, Breeze would pick up Nese and hit a move similar to the Big Ending of Big E, sending Nese face first into the mat for a two count. Breeze would go to the top rope, but would be hit by a shotei and fall into position for the running Nese, which would miss this time. Breeze would use his lower elevation to his advantage, tripping Nese and slamming his knee into the corner. When back in the ring, Breeze would look to submit Nese with a single leg crab. Nese would fight his way to the ropes, and break the hold.

An attempted German Suplex from Breeze would see Nese land on his feet, and hit a quick double stomp before clutching the hurt knee. This slowed his approach for the pin, giving Breeze time to recover. Despite his hurt knee, Nese would go up top, getting caught on the way down and being hit with a spinebuster from Breeze. This would be followed up by a Rock Bottom, taking another move from an established champion in WWE. However, it would only get a two count. Looking for his own finisher of the Unprettier, Nese would counter, push Breeze into the corner, hit a quick elbow and nail the Running Nese for the win.

This win for Tony Nese should help him refind himself, and let him start to rebuild towards becoming the face of 205 Live once again. Will he be able to string together more wins in the coming weeks? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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