WWE Monday Night Raw Preview (6/29) – Seth Rollins Continues to Threaten Rey Mysterio

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What the WWE has planned for Monday Night Raw is anyone’s guess since the COVID-19 outbreak. They’ve long lived by the motto “The show must go on” and so they’ve continued broadcasts to help keep us entertained and provide an escape. This also means we’re in for some surprises as pre-recorded and schedules segments may be moved to another night to add some filler like what we experienced for WWE Smackdown when the show was altered as a tribute to the Undertaker.

First up is one of the best feuds going on at the moment.

Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio

Last week saw possibly the best segment of this feud as Rollins nearly suffered retribution for what he did to Rey Mysterio. The tables were quickly turned by his disciples, Murphy and Austin Theory, and he nearly sacrificed Dominic Mysterio.

But the day was saved and Rollins was sent running, but is this the end?

Not by a long shot.

Rollins isn’t done yet as we expect him to continue exchanging barbs with Mysterio while sending his disciples after Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo for helping Mysterio last week and their continued interference.

The question is who will face who. We wouldn’t be surprised to see a 6-man tag team match between Seth Rolling, Murphy, and Austin Theory vs. Rey Mysterio, Humberto Carrillo, and Aleister Black with Dominic at ringside.

While this gives Mysterio’s team the numbers advantage, we can’t help but feel Rollins will have someone else to help. It is possible for the AOP (Authors of Pain) to return if Akeem’s leg injury has heeled enough, but his brother Rezar would be the most likely one to appear.

What to expect

After months of having the numbers advantage and victory after victory, it’s reasonable to expect Rollins’ luck to begin changing. Anytime Rollins loses, he becomes more focused and incensed, but each loss also forces him to redirect his focus. Because of the history he’s shown, even if there is a 6-man tag team match which we feel will happen, we expect him to find a way to win, or lose by disqualification.

Either of those endings will allow Rollins to stay focused on the Mysterios, but especially Dominic. With Extreme Rules roughly three weeks away, they’ll need to drag this out to then so Rey can finally have his showdown with Rollins. To do that, expect an attack on Dominic tonight or next week. It’ll be one that’ll probably injure him to push Rey into a new frame of mind, and will only make their final clash all the more entertaining.

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