WWE Monday Night Raw Recap (6/29) – Getting it started

Double contract signing mayhem; Big Show calls out Randy Orton

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WWE Monday Night Raw Recap (6/29) - Getting it started
WWE Monday Night Raw

Nothing like seeing what the WWE has up their sleeves. There’s plenty of action, so let’s get started.

The show starts with the contract signings already in a shambles and the ring is destroyed as Bayley and Sasha Banks continued attacking Asuka. Officials continued separating them at Samoa Joe’s urgings, and Joe was cut off as he tries to welcome us and explains things by Dolph Ziggler’s music.

“The man the audacity to not give me what I was owed!” is a great introduction of Drew McIntyre by Ziggler.

McIntyre comes out and the group finally takes their seats.

“Well, now that we have all our volatile components here, let’s begin, Mr. Ziggler.” Samoa Joe sounds like he expects things to go south again.

Ziggler complained at how he knows exactly what McIntyre’s thinking and going through, and promises no matter how hard or often McIntyre hits him, he’ll get back up and do what he always does: survives.

Ziggler even promised to destroy McIntyre at Extreme Rules: Horror Show, then signed the contract. McIntyre signed as well.

It’s interesting how Asuka, Banks, and Bayley remained quiet, as though waiting to see what happens next.

McIntyre points out how Ziggler needs the championship so he’s the center of attention, and how he’s always dropped the ball. “Always the bride’s maid, never the bride.”

McIntyre allows Ziggler to name the match’s stipulation.

Asuke then interrupts Ziggler, earning her a chorus of what’s, and then she signs the Raw Women’s Championship contract.

Banks informs Asuka that she’s not the same as she was, and that she’ll be Two Belts Banks and they’ll take over the whole company.

Asuka attacked Banks and Bayley, while Ziggler attempted to hit McIntyre with a superkick. McIntyre caught Ziggler’s foot, then just missed with a Claymore and Ziggler, Bayley, and Banks slipped out of the ring and headed to the back.

Raw Tag Team Championship Quest

Switching to backstage, Garza is trying to woo the referee that has their match but she turned him down. Charley Caruso entered and asked him what he was talking to the referee about, sounding a little jealous.

She asked if they beat the Viking Raiders next, do they think they should face the Street Profits for the tag belts and Andrade answered, “Yes.”

The Big Show interrupted them, saying he was pulling rank and going on next because he has some issues with Randy Orton that he needs to handle.

A brief recap of last week between Rollins and Mysterio leads to the tease of Rollins asking for forgiveness. Yeah, right.

An angry giant

Following the commercial break, it’s announced that a mixed tag match for later on between Asuka and Drew McIntyre vs. Dolph Ziggler and Sasha Banks. This should be interesting.

The Big Show is in the ring and calls out Randy Orton.

Big Show’s rant is interrupted by Andrade, Angel Garza, and Zelina Vega as they come out.

Andrade questions the Big Show being a legend, and Garza pointed out there’s only one of him.

The Big Show’s patience ran out, and he challenged them to a fight. Vega said they’d do Orton a favor and Show can join Edge and Christian in the retirement home.

Ric Flair then came out and wanted to have words with Big Show.

Flair said no one was going to handle or manage Show’s career except for Randy Orton. Flair said he’d be coming when he was ready and he was doing Orton’s leg work.

Once he finished, Flair gave Zelina permission to have some fun at Big Show’s expense. The Viking Raiders came out and a brawl between them and Andrade and Garza commenced. Guess what match is next?

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