AEW Dynamite Results: Dark Order vs. Kenny Omega & Hangman Page [AEW Tag Team Championship Match]

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Since knocking off SCU to become the second ever AEW Tag Team Champions, Kenny Omega & Hangman Page have proven to be one of the worlds best tandems. They’ve had nearly every team step up for a shot at them, and had what many are calling the greatest tag team match ever with The Young Bucks. But every reign will eventually end, and Dark Order look to claim their first championships in AEW tonight. 

Evil Uno & Stu Greyson were the first members of Dark Order to appear in AEW, and with The Exalted One at the helm, they’re more dangerous than ever. Add in the rising tensions between Omega & Page, and many feel tonight will end their impressive reign. Could they survive the Dark Order and remain champions?

Evil Uno & Stu Greyson Were Waiting For This Shot For A While

With an 8-0 record in 2020, it was only a matter of time until they got their shot at the AEW Tag Team Championships, and they wouldn’t be letting it go to waste. However, the champs are 10-0 in 2020, with 9 of those wins being defenses of those tag team championships. 

While Omega would be making his entrance, Page would start throwing hands with Dark Order. Omega seemed to lag on his way to make the save, and he’d berate Page and be hit from behind. They are not on the same page, a rare off night. 

Greyson & Uno would hit some tag team offense early, getting the better of Omega. The infallible chemistry of Dark Order would hold their advantage, until we saw a tiltawhirl backbreaker. Page would get the tag in, and we’d see the chemistry from the champs, finally getting their rhythm.

Hangman Page Stranded In The Wrong Part Of Town

Evil Uno would be sandwiched with chops, and Page would press the advantage. He’d hit a Fallaway Slam, and then take Uno over the top before diving onto Greyson, then being run into the post by Uno. 

Now in control once again, Hangman Page would find himself isolated by the Dark Order. Greyson would show his high skill level, completely controlling Page, and Uno proved to be no slouch either. A vertical suplex accented by a kick would drop Page, with Omega making the save. Page would fight his way out of the corner, but Uno still managed to prevent the tag.

After a few more minutes of being beat down, he’d catch a crossbody from Greyson with a scoop slam, and get Omega in the match. We’d get an excellent stand off between Greyson & Omega, with Omega hitting the Rolling Fireman’s Carry into Moonsault combo! A snapdragon would be blocked, with Dark Order looking to now isolate Omega instead. 

Last Call For Dark Order

Page would tag himself in, and an assisted pop up German Suplex would take Uno down. Greyson would refuse to go down, and would dive over the corner into Page. Omega would eat a big pump kick from Uno, and a senton bomb would get a near fall.

An assisted powerbomb would have ended the reign, but Page made the save. Omega would be thrown into Page in the corner however, and a 450 splash to Omega as Uno flew underneath with a cannonball to Page would demolish the champs. 

They would look to set the finish up, and Omega fought out. He’d get the snap dragon on Uno, but eat a splash from Greyson. Thankfully Page was nearby to hit the big lariat on Greyson, and then a pop-up powerbomb to Uno. 

A V-Trigger to the back of the head only got the two count, and they’d set up the Last Call for the win. Greyson was a half step too late for the save, and Uno didn’t kick out. 

FTR Makes The Save Again

Even with them having an off night, they managed to beat a very focused Dark Order. Following the match, Mr. Brodie Lee would berate Uno & Greyson for losing, throwing a stack of papers at Uno and then shoving Greyson away. Hangman wou’d laugh at this. 

Brodie Lee would further drive the wedge between Omega & Page, as the Young Bucks would enter the ring to help even the odds as the Dark Order would swarm the ring. FTR would run in and even the odds, helping the Elite and slamming Brodie Lee with a cooler. 

Will Dark Order take another chance at Page & Omega? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below. 

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