AEW Fyter Fest Results: Hangman Page & Kenny Omega vs. Best Friends

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A tag team title match weeks in the making, Best Friends Trent & Chuck Taylor will finally get their chance to become the AEW Tag Team Champions. They have to beat arguably the best unit in the company however, that being Kenny Omega & Hangman Page of The Elite. They’ve been champions since January, and have put down everyone in their path, even having one of the greatest tag team matches of all time along the way with The Young Bucks. Best Friends will need to have a perfect match to take them down, if that’s even possible. Prior to the match, we would learn Private Party would face the winners next week. Will we finally see a title change on this night, or would champions have a clean sweep over their challengers?

Trent & Chuck Taylor would get a grand entrance in their own way, with Trent’s mom driving them to the arena. “Have fun!” would be yelled by Sue, before getting her son to come back and get a quick kiss. Hangman & Omega would make their usual seperate entrances, normally a sign of a failing team, but rest assured, their chemistry is second to none. They’re undefeated in 2020 in tag team matches, 8 wins, 0 losses. 162 days as Champion. Seven of those wins involved the AEW Tag Team Championships, with six being defenses. The numbers don’t lie, and they show just how good this team is.

A Tag Team Clinic From The Start

Kenny Omega would start the match alongside his old partner in Men Of Low Moral Fibre, Chuck Taylor. There is respect, but they’re still gonna kick each others ass in this match. Omega & Taylor would fight for control early on, with Taylor outwitting Omega and hitting some great arm drags, and Hangman Page would be tagged in alongside Trent. They would trade heavy forearms in the middle of the ring, with Page getting the upperhand for a moment, before being hit with a back suplex and a kick to the back. Taylor would be tagged in, and a double shoulder tackle would drop him.

A quick brainbuster would be followed with a pinfall, getting a two count. Quick tags in and out would only last so long, as Page would suplex Taylor into Trent, and tag Omega in. A big backbreaker would drop him, as the champions take control of the match. A running boot from Page followed by the Kotaro Crusher from Omega would get a nearfall. At this time, FTR would make their way to the ringside area with beach chairs and a cooler, getting front row seats for this AEW Tag Team Championship match.

Trent Has The Tar Beaten Out Of Him

Trent would be brutalized through the commercial break, as Page & Omega do what they do best. Their singles talents are combined into an unstoppable assault, quick tags ensuring they remain fresh, and double team moves whenever possible. Comebacks wouldn’t last long, and Chuck Taylor would be crucial to get this one back in the field of Best Friends. Taylor would save Trent from being sent into the corner, and this was enough to let his partner get enough momenteum to take out the champs and make the tag, to the delight of Trents mom in the crowd. Taylor would launch himself over the top rope, and take out the champs again, the tide of battle turning.

Omega would be thrown into both the barricade & his partner, landing headfirst on the ground. Back in the ring, Page would nearly be pinned, but get the shoulder up at two. He’d resist the Sole Food/Half & Half Suplex combo, and hit Trent with his signature Fallaway Slam. Omega would get into the match, and hit the Tiger Mask inspired missile dropkick on Trent, followed with the Fishermans Buster. He’d follow this with the Rolling Fireman Slam into the corner, but Trent would know what comes next and get the knees up to stop the moonsault. Trent hits the running knee, and tags in Taylor. A snap piledriver compresses the neck of Omega, but Page breaks up the pinfall.

Last Call For The AEW Tag Team Championships

Omega would hit a snap dragon suplex on Taylor, and then Trent. He’d be taking Best Friends to Suplex City, before tagging Page in. They’d take control of the match once again, and Trent would be hit with a pop-up powerbomb, followed by a knee to the back of the head. Last Call would be avoided, and Best Friends would look to hit Strong Zero. Omega just broke up the pin, and saved the championships in the process. Taylor would hit Awful Waffle on Omega after slipping away from the One Winged Angel, and Best Friends would hug to give the people what they want.

Hangman Page was on his own, but some hard elbow strikes would keep him in the fight. Trent nearly got the pin off a rollup, but Page had enough left in the tank to kick out. He’d nail the Deadeye, but Trent kicks out. Both teams are tired, barely able to stand. The Buckshot Lariat would be all it takes to end this match.

It is now 9 wins, and still 0 losses from Page & Omega in 2020. Best Friends gave a helluva effort in this one, and Private Party will do the same next week, but at the end of the day, you step to the champions? You get taken out. This was another tag team classic from the champions, and an easy 4.5/5 match. You know that when they get in the ring, they’re gonna give their best, and when they’re at their best, you don’t beat them. Who do you think will be able to remove the championships from Page & Omega? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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