Eric Young Was Set To Return To NXT Before WWE Release

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Eric Young Was Set To Return To NXT Before WWE Release

The WWE run of Eric Young was an odd one to say the least. He first showed up in NXT to challenge then NXT Champion Samoa Joe as a one off, before signing with the company. He’d then become the leader of Sanity alongside Alexander Wolfe, Nikki Cross and Killian Dain, which led to him winning the NXT Tag Team Championships once.

Sanity would go to the main roster, where they quickly disbanded. Killian Dain went to NXT to work on a solo career, and Alexander Wolfe joined Imperium in NXT UK. Eric Young on the other hand, was relegated to working shows like Main Event. However, just before his release, there was another plan for him.

Eric Young Was Going To Go Back To NXT

Having found more success in NXT, it’s only natural that the plan would be to put him back there. He’s a veteran talent who can make anything work, and the perfect person for fresher talents to work with as they figure everything out. However, before this move could be made, he would be among the list of people who would lose their jobs with WWE.

“The original plan after WrestleMania was for me to go back to NXT. We had been talking a lot about ideas and what might happen.”

Young had that to say about this during an interview with Chris Van Vliet.

He Knew He Would Be Released

Being someone of lesser standing within the company, he knew where he stood. Thus, when it was announced that cuts would be made, he knew his time had come. From the same interview, he’d say the following.

“When they said they were going to release talent, I knew for sure I was going to be on that list. It’s nothing personal. I don’t take it personally. I’m not bitter in any way. One person made a massive mistake. I’m not the first person he made a mistake on and I won’t be the last.”

During an interview on BustedOpen, he openly called Vince McMahon a terrible leader, so it’s clear who that one person he’s referring to is.

Young is now back in Impact Wrestling, having made his return during Slammiversary in the main event to claim a new world champion. This is getting his career back on pace, and while an NXT return might have done the same, he knows he’ll be taken care of in Impact.

Do you think a return to NXT would have helped Young, or was he doomed to accomplish nothing else in WWE? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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