Into the Vault: Juggalo Championshxt Wrestling Volume 1

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Into the Vault: Juggalo Championshxt Wrestling Volume 1

For some of the 2000s hardcore promotions I’m doing reviews on, I considered “Dumper Wrestling Reviews” as the name but let’s just say we’re heading back “Into the Vault” instead. This time, we’re getting into Juggalo Championshxt Wrestling -Volume 1 from December 1999. This was the first show of the Insane Clown Posse’s Juggalo Championship Wrestling. 

Into the Vault: Juggalo Championshxt Wrestling Volume 1

At this time, it was still called “Juggalo Championshxt Wrestling” and featured many wrestlers from the Midwest/Great Lakes area alongside some legends of the business. ICP booked this with almost every match stipulation possible! Let’s get into the best and worst of this show! 


In the third match, the Iron Sheik defeated Izzy High (IWA Mid-South veteran American Kickboxer) in a crackpipe on a pole match. This…wasn’t a decent match. “Decent” is middle of the road this bout was in the ditch on the side of said road.  

Violent J, Jamie Madrox and Shaggy 2 Do—I mean, Diamond Donovan Douglas, Lucious Johnny Stark, and Handsome Harvey “Gweedo” Guestello—on commentary are making this show for me. 

The match with Evil Dead defeating The Redneck Devil Without A Cause squash was worth skipping. I will say, starting from this tape, Evil Dead—a zombie that wrestles and is actually Jumpsteady, Violent J’s brother—is one my favorite stars here. 

Tom Dub got eaten alive by King Kong Bundy but he lasted longer than The Redneck Devil Without A Cause against the man-beast Evil Dead. The “Titties in Thumbtacks” match between Angel and Chick Foley is something you could skip. Plus, there’s really no ongoing storyline with this match unlike Bundy and Abby’s rampage or the push of Evil Dead. 


Do you know who else got eaten alive? The Rude Boy when he decided to challenge Abdullah the Butcher who had been fork jabbing people at the arena since he arrived. It’s one of the longer matches on the card and if you know an Abdullah the Butcher match in the U.S, the best you’re getting is mediocre after 1990.  

This match was actually bad but it gets bumped thanks to the commentary. The longest match here was probably the 20-man weapons battle royal to crown JCW Heavyweight Title. Evil Dead picked up the win in what was a fun, sloppy, chaotic match. 

Also, in this match were Twiztid, Fat Fxck Barrel Boy, the Rock n Roll Express, and Tom Dub among other indy talents from the late 90s midwest scene. Could you imagine if Fat Fxck Barrel Boy, a fat guy in a barrel (trashcan) won this match? 

Into the Vault: Juggalo Championshxt Wrestling Volume 1

Another mid-level match was the main event between ICP and a pair of really creepy, down on their luck-looking Doink the Clowns. JCW Volume 1 was full of rarities because we saw the first double Doink 

This was a brawl where Violent J was actually the really solid in the ring. Sure, he did basic brawling with some power offense but he did it well. Shaggy 2 Dope took the bigger bumps and even some odd ones. The guy was like a ragdoll. As expected, ICP defeated the Doinks and became the first JCW Tag Team champs.  

Juggalo Championshxt Wrestling – Volume 1 Verdict: 3.5/10 

Most of the action on this card ranged between dismal and decent. The editing of the tape was out there but well done. There was a match that took place on this show that was just shown in clips—and I wanted to see it.  

What really carried this show to 3.5/10 was the beating The Rude Boy took, the angles with Abdullah the Butcher chewing through staff and production crew, the raucous crowd of juggalos, the backstage interviews that always went left, and the awesome commentary. The action didn’t carry this show. 

Hell, the commentary alone got a 9/10! If you’re up for pretty bad wrestling with really dope commentary, check out Juggalo Championshxt Wrestling – Volume 1. It’s wild and you won’t be disappointed! 

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