MLW Anthology: The Von Erichs

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MLW Anthology: The Von Erichs

It’s odd how Major League Wrestling ran an episode of MLW Anthology focused on some or a group—Contra Unit—and the next episode will feature them in the best match of the two. Like I understand at least one great match is needed for an episode. This episode goes into the new generation with Ross and Marshall Von Erich.

War Chamber: The Von Erichs, Tom Lawlor, & Low Ki vs. Contra Unit 

Man! If Major League Wrestling just does a Super Anthology on faction warfare, this match would’ve made that episode. Actually, this match would’ve been the star of the episode! This match was basically War Games in one ring but it was a blood and guts cage match—the best kind.  MLW Anthology: The Von Erichs

Simon Gotch and Ikuro Kwan work better when they’re with Josef Samael and/or Jacob Fatu. If it’s just them separately or without those two, you’re not getting the most exciting match. It will be a solid match from a technical point of view but not one to try and get someone who doesn’t watch Major League Wrestling on board. 

That said, this match was dope! Everyone had their shine, Contra Unit looked dangerous as hell, and yeah, when I first saw this match—I was cheering for Team Von Erich. 

MLW World Tag Team Titles: Dynasty [c] vs. The Von Erichs 

This match was Major League Wrestling getting behind The Von Erichs. One, they needed a team that wasn’t in threat of falling apart because someone left or someone was released. The Von Erichs could get scooped up but for now, they’re good. Plus, it’s unlikely they would do something that forces MLW to drop them. 

Dynasty member MJF was going to get snatched up early. Actually, it’s kind of dangerous to have that much star talent in one faction. It’s like a target. This match was solid, everyone in it did their part and put on an exciting bout. 

Was it the War Chamber match you just watched? Of course not! That match should be put on repeat at MLW HQ in New York City. It’s a crown jewel match. This one was good and safe enough that even people who are squeamish about blood could enjoy it and see MLW stars in action. 

What a great MLW Anthology! The opening match was hot and exactly what I love. Meanwhile, the MLW World Tag Team title bout was good. Not as exciting or hot as teaming with Lawlor and Low Ki to fight Contra Unit in a cage but it was more organized and I enjoyed it.

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