NJPW Lions Break Collision Results: Tom Lawlor vs. Alex Coughlin

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NJPW Lions Break Collision Results: Tom Lawlor vs. Alex Coughlin
Match Graphic For The Tom Lawlor (left) And Alex Coughlin (right) July 24, 2020 Lion’s Break Collision Match via New Japan Pro Wrestling

After his big debut win over Rocky Romero last week, Tom Lawlor will continue to look to rise in the ranks of New Japan Pro Wrestling as he faces one of Romeros students. His second opponent is Alex Coughlin, the more calm and focused of the two remaining young lions. Will that focus all him to break through the overwhelming style of Tom Lawlor?

Alex Coughlin Isn’t Going To Just Hand Over The Win

This one has a 15 minute time limit, but I don’t think we’ll meet that. Coughlin would hide his intimidation as he was ready to meet Lawlor. An opening sprawl would favor the MMA veteran, with him getting most of Coughlin’s limbs trapped before a rope break foiled his plans.

Back on their feet, Coughlin would go for a standing switch, but again Lawlor takes control with the arm. Coughlin got a takedown, but was unable to capitalize as Lawlor broke the hold in the corner. A gator roll into an armbar would nearly get Coughlin a submission attempt, but Lawlor would counter and try for an armbar of his own.

Once they’d get vertical again, the strikes would fly as Lawlor would throw some very heavy kicks. Coughlin wasn’t showing much energy at this point as he threw a weak forearm, and a side headlock takeover would put him back to the mat. Next, Lawlor would hit an Exploder Suplex for a two count.

Tom Lawlor’s Experience Edge Shines Through

Another Exploder Suplex would be attempted, but Coughlin would stop him. He’d be dropped with a lariat shortly after. However, Coughlin would look to get himself back into the match with some powerslams, with Lawlor staying strong even after a spear. Coughlin looked for the Boston Crab, but he’d get kicked in the face.

Lawlor would trap him in a triangle choke right on the Lions Mark, and Coughlin would use his raw power to lift him up and transition into a bridging Fallaway Slam. A big chop followed by a Russian Leg Sweep would seem to give Coughlin a chance to win, but Lawlor would wrap him up for a quick pinfall after 8 minutes and 5 seconds of action.

This was a solid showcase for both men, and Coughlin looked like he was getting something started against Lawlor at the end of this match. If Lawlor didn’t catch Coughlin with a pin, could he have lost this one? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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