Orignal Plans For AEW Dynamite’s First Episode Revealed

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Orignal Plans For AEW Dynamite's First Episode Revealed

It has almost been a year since AEW Dynamite came to TV, finally giving fans a strong alternative to WWE that wasn’t Impact Wrestling. The first episode saw a huge ending, with Chris Jericho starting to form his faction: The Inner Circle. However, this wasn’t the planned climax of the show. It was going to feature Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson, alongside their former friends in Bullet Club.

Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson Would Have Beaten Down The Elite

It was obvious that Gallows & Anderson were on the radar of AEW around this time, if not just due to being close friends with the men who started the company. They would stick with WWE, but if they joined AEW they would have made an instant impact. At the end of the first episode of Dynamite, Gallows & Anderson would have joined The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega in the ring, they’d flash up the Too Sweet, but then turn on their former stablemates, laying them out in dramatic fashion.

This would have been a great angle to start with. We could have also seen them join forces with Chris Jericho as the tag team of the Inner Circle, instead of Santana & Ortiz. However, Gallows & Anderson had a choice to make. Both have families and lives to support. WWE was a safe option, something reliable. They had the chance to be part of AEW, take a bet on themselves and be part of something amazing, but instead they took the safe route and regretted it. Hindsight is always 20/20, and AEW would become a massive hit, Gallows & Anderson would have been completely fine, but you can’t fault the choice they made.

Gallows & Anderson Will End Up In AEW Eventually

As of writing this, Gallows & Anderson have a two year deal with Impact Wrestling, and will also be returning to Japan for New Japan Pro Wrestling events. Because of those deals, it’s highly unlikely we see them appear for AEW until that span is over, but when the time comes, they very well could show up there as a rejuvenated tag team. They’re going to do great things over these next two years, as both tag team wrestlers and singles stars, and will have earned their place in AEW, not just got in with their buddies.

Do you think Gallows & Anderson should have gone to AEW? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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