Rene Dupree & El Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr Vacate GHC Tag Team Championships

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Rene Dupree & El Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr Vacate GHC Tag Team Championships

There was a rising tag team in Pro Wrestling NOAH, that being the tandem of Rene Dupree & El Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. They would win the Global Tag League, winning two out of three matches to make it to the finals.

There they met and beat Go Shiozaiki & Katsuhiko Nakajima to earn a shot at the GHC Tag Team Championships. This would happen at NOAH The Spirit 2020, and there they’d win over Masaaki Mochizuki & Naomichi Marufuji to become the 40th team to hold the titles.

However, before even getting to make a single defense, they seem to have vacated the championships after 98 days.

Rene Dupree Returned To Canada, El Hijo del Dr Wagner Jr To Mexico

This title win was back in April, and while Dupree was last in NOAH earlier this month, it was in a singles capacity. El Hijo del Dr Wagner Jr hasn’t wrestled in the company since winning the championships.

Between this inactivity, and COVID-19 being a threat, it’s all lead to the titles being vacated. They were a good, if not random tag team and many fans were eager to see just how good they could become as champions.

We will likely see new champions crowned soon, and if this duo gets to make it back to Japan? They’ll be first in line for a shot.

Dupree Is A Grizzled Young Veteran

At 36 years old, Rene Dupree has 23 yeas of in ring experience. He’s a world travelled veteran, from his early heights in WWE, years around the independant circuit in Canada and the United States, then eventually making his way to Japan with Wrestle-1.

While many think of him as the relative child they saw in the early 2000’s, his matches with NOAH would show just how far he has come. He won’t be working there for the foreseeable future, and there are no major promotions in Canada for him to work at this time.

The best Dupree would hope for at this point is an offer from Impact Wrestling, a previous partner of Pro Wrestling NOAH. He’d fit in well with the changing landscape there.

Do you wish we saw more of Dupree and Wagner Jr together in Pro Wrestling NOAH? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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