WWE NXT North American Bash Results: Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott vs. Johnny Gargano

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Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott has been consistently one win away from becoming a star in NXT. He’s one of the top names in the Cruiserweight Division, but he wont be staying there forever. Swerve had a hefty resume before coming to WWE, and was one of the top names in the indies. Tonight could be his night. The world will be watching for Keith Lee vs. Adam Cole, but his match with Johnny Gargano could steal the show. Gargano might be a bit of a coward these days, but a big stage brings out the best in him, and Swerve will bring that fight from him. A backstage argument could end up resulting in a match of the year contender, if this one reaches it’s peak.

It’s A Good Night For The Gargano Family

After Candice LeRae won her match earlier in the night, Johnny Gargano wanted to keep the momenteum going. Things would start with some chain wrestling. Gargano grabbed the arm and worked Swerve down to the mat, before Swerve would slip out. Getting back into it after some posing, Gargano would find himself on top again, this time with a headlock. Keeping Swerve grounded is the way to beat him, and Johnny Wrestling is able to do just that. While Swerve would get control briefly, Gargano is the better mat wrestler, which became abundantly clear.

Swerve would get back to his feet, and this would become his match as agility would become the dominant force. They’d try to connect with a strike, but both men would dodge everything thrown their way. Swerve would eventually catch Gargano with a headscissors, and hit the Flosburry Flop over the top rope to gain control going into the commercial break.

This Is Swerves House

Coming back, Gargano would be back in control as he hits a backbreaker into a front suplex. Laying out Swerve with a lariat, he’d get a two count, before Swerve would counter a suplex and just punch Gargano in the face. He’d hit the diving uppercut off the top rope to the back of Gargano, sending his opponent to the outside. A pump kick would keep the match in Swerves house, relying on strikes to wear down Gargano before hitting a jumping facebuster for a near fall.

After some misdirection, Gargano would hit the slingshot spear for a near fall, regaining control. Some chops in the corner would be followed by some punches being rained down until Swerve slipped out and went for the Confidence Booster. Gargano would kick him off, but Swerve regained control with a deadlift suplex. Missing the House Call kick, this match would enter a rapid pace of kicks and dodges, until Swerve finally hit it.

It wouldn’t take much for Gargano to find his way into the Garagno Escape however, but after reversing pressure into a pinfall, it would be broken. Swerve would nearly get the win off a driver, and he’d set up for the diving foot stomp, but Gargano rolled out to the apron. A kick to the face would send him to the ground, and he’d go for the double stomp on the outside. This would miss, and he’d be sent into the post, be hit with a poisonrana, and hit with the One Final Beat DDT after being sent back in the ring. Gargano wins.

This was a fast paced affair, and we saw glimmers of the old Gargano throughout. This was Johnny Takeover, but with new edge. That new edge got him the win, showing that the Gargano Way might truly be best. What do you think is next for Johnny Gargano? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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