WWE NXT Results: Dexter Lumis vs. Killian Dain

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Dexter Lumis has been one of the best parts of NXT as of late. He has terrorized the Undisputed Era, especially affecting Roderick Strong. Now however, a new man wants a piece of him. After being drawn in an unflattering way by Lumis, the irish super heavyweight Killian Dain wants a piece of Lumis. Will brute strength be enough to stop the tortured artist?

Killian Dain Throwing His Weight Around Proves Effective

Lumis & Dain would lock up, with Dain getting the upper hand. He’d be thrown off the ropes out of a headlock, and rush Lumis down with a shoulder tackle. Lumis would confuse Dain by slithering around the mat, before being picked up and thrown, only to slip outside of the ring. On the outside, Lumis would throw some hands, and when he’d be thrown into the steel steps, Lumis would leap over, showing cat-like agility.

However, Lumis would not be quick enough to dodge the running crossbody that Dain calls ‘The Divide’. This would give Dain a clear advantage, and he’d focus on an outside brawl, slamming Lumis into the plexiglass. He’d prop him on the apron and hit a running knee strike to the head.

Lumis would try to gain control, but a brief amount of control would be snuffed out with a leg drop over the middle rope. Maybe overwhelming power is what you need to beat Lumis, who took The Undisputed Era to their limits, physical and mentally. Dain just kept things simple, and threw his weight around against Lumis.

Picking The Pace Up

Throughout the commercial break, Dain would beat down Lumis. However, after a certain point, Lumis stopped registering pain. He’d just keep getting up, and after a pump kick, Dain would go for the divide, but catch a spinebuster instead. Lumis would dive onto him with a Lou Thesz press, followed by a bulldog out of the corner.

A belly to back suplex, and Lumis would pop off the mat into a seamless leg drop. He’d go for a senton bomb, but Dain would dodge and hit the Shotgun Drop Kick. Following up with a cannon ball in the corner, right into a powerbomb. After a big elbow drop, he’d only get a two count on Lumis.

Running back in with a lariat, Lumis would counter with Silence, but Dain fought out. A battle for control in the corner would lead to Dain looking for a superplex, but Lumis shoved him off and hit the senton bomb. Silence would be locked in, and Dain would fall to submission before he could break it.

Dexter Lumis Is Ready For A Title Shot

This win could put Lumis into a future NXT North American Championship opportunity. He showed his power and athletic ability, both of which would translate well to a ladder match environment. Given his sustained push, it’s likely he will get into a triple threat match if nothing else, and probably won’t take the fall either.

Do you want to see Dexter Lumis get into the North American Championship ladder match? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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