WWE Raw Recap (7/6) – Rey Mysterio and Kevin Owens defeated Seth Rollins and Murphy

Mysterio pinned Murphy after hitting a 619 and frog splash. He can name the stipulation for his and Rollins’ Extreme Rules match.

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We pick it up backstage where Seth Rollins and Murphy had attacked Aleister Black.

We come back from commercial with the Viking Raiders and Big Show backstage. The Viking Raiders were in a joking mood, but Big Show wasn’t in the mood. Big Show got them focused with slaps to the chest, but Erik kept the peace saying when they got to the ring, “The raid is on.”

Kevin Owens Show with Seth Rollins

Owens started things off by tossing the chairs out of the ring, given who his guest was.

“Please welcome a pretty giant piece of trash, though he calls himself the Monday Night Messiah.”

Rollins and Murphy come out to boos as expected as Samoa Joe quickly covered Owens and Rollins’ recent history.

Rollins said Owens didn’t have to empty the ring as he just wanted to thank him for having him on the KO show. Rollins asked how Owen’s ankle is (he fractured it at WrestleMania) and Owens responded with, “It’s doing better than your ego.”

Owens talked about how they had formed a bond, and he presented a WrestleMania moment they created. It was a KO Mania shirt like the one Owens wore when he won at WrestleMania.

Rollins said he didn’t “give a damn” about Owens or his show; he simply wanted to use the show as a platform to officially challenge a medically cleared Rey Mysterio to a match at Extreme Rules so he can finish the sacrifice.

Rollins then went back to their past, pointing out how he rose to prominence while Owens has been on the shelf. In fact, he claimed Owens needs him like Raw needs him.

Rollins then asked him to join him since Owens loves to fight. He wants Owens to fight for the greater good.

Decision time

Owen seemed to consider it, but Rey and Dominic Mysterio came out to interrupt. Mysterio said Owens wouldn’t fall for his BS, and he accepted Rollins’ challenge.

Rollins pointed out how they were supposed to have a match, but Aleister is out, so what would he do? He hinted that Rey should bring Dominic into a match so Rollins can take Dominic’s eye.

Owens spoke up and volunteered his services to Rey, and the winner of their tag match will get to pick the stipulation at Extreme Rules.

Murphy attacked Owens from behind, but Rey jumped in to help and he and Owens held the high ground.

Rey Mysterio and Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins and Murphy

We come back from commercial and the match is already underway, and Rey is holding his own against Murphy. In fact, Mysterio looks refreshed and like his old self early on as he’s dominated so far.

Murphy rolled through a crossbody from the top rope and nearly scored a win againt Mysterio.

When Owens came in, Murphy continued taking the abuse until he manages to break free and tag Rollins in.

It’s important to not that Samoa Joe hinted that Owens would join Rollins, so it’s something to keep out eye on.

With Rey down, Rollins knocked Owens off the ring apron, then got into Dominic’s face and went for his eyes before sliding back into the ring when Rey arrived.

We came back from commercial and Rollins was working over Owens in the ring. Rollins worked ovr Owen’s left leg; the ankle Owens injured at WrestleMania.

Owens got to the rope to break Rollins’ hold on his ankle, and knocked Murphy off the apron before Rollins reclaimed control.

Owens ducked an attack and countered with a superkick on Rollins.

Owens and Rollins tagged out, and Mysterio took it to Murphy.

Rollins slid out of the ring to avoid a double 619 and grabbed Dominic. Black’s music played and Rollins let Dominic go and stood in a stare down with Black, seemingly leaving Murphy to the rest.

When the referee’s back was turned, Dominic went after Murphy’s eyes, and Murphy rolled into the ring where Rey was waiting.

A dropkick put Murphy into position, and Rey hit with a 619 then a frog splash while Owens took care of Rollins. Rey pinned Murphy for the win and will now get to pick the stipulation at Extreme Rules.

With the match won, Rey named their stipulation would be an eye for an eye. He said he’s pull Rollin’s eye out with his bare hands. Rollins looked shocked at what he’d face, similar to how he was before he sacrificed Rey’s eye.

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