WWE Smackdown Results and Recap (7/31) – King Corbin defeated Drew Gulak; Shorty G Turns Heel, Attacks Matt Riddle

Corbin hit Gulak with an End of Days for the pinfall

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WWE Smackdown Results and Recap (7/31) – King Corbin defeated Drew Gulak; Shorty G Turns Heel, Attacks Matt Riddle

A recap of last week’s main event, the Bar Fight, followed and transitioned to Jeff Hardy being welcomed backstage by Otis, Tucker, and others.

Jeff Hardy’s message

Jeff Hardy made his way to the ring as WWE Smackdown Results and Recap returned from commercial.

Jeff started off saying he hasn’t felt this good in a long time, and his battle with Sheamus reminded him how dangerous his demons can be.

He said that beating Sheamus in the Bar fight proved he’s on the right path. He added that he may be an alcoholic, but he’s so much more — a loving father and a WWE superstar.

He’s grateful the love of his family and friends got him to this point and he never wants to let anyone down again.

He’s looking to make the most of his life, and that’s when King Corbin decided to come out.

Corbin started in how he thought his head would explode if he had to keep standing around listening to Jeff go on.

He wasted no time in going after Jeff “standing in this ring whining and crying about recovery.”

He pointed out how he feels he’s losing him mind because of Jeff, having to deal with Matt Riddle, and he has a match with Drew Gulak later on.

Jeff pointed out that if Corbin thinks everyone around him is the problem, then he’s the problem.

Corbin countered how he would’ve come to him and offered him the bounty to take out Riddle, but Jeff is more concerned with sitting in a circle talking.

Drew Gulak then attacked Corbin from behind, so guess what match is next?

Drew Gulak vs. King Corbin

As usual, the match started during the commercial break, and Gulak was in control with a arm bar.

Corbin fought out of it, but Gulak retook his control with a few strikes and another hold on Corbin’s left arm.

Corbin continued to fight back, but Gulak continued to work on his left arm.

Gulak showed good speed and dodged enough of Corbin’s attacks to stay ahead, but Corbin soon turned the tide with a heavy right hand.

Cornin then showed his hold prowess as he worked Gulak’s left arm.

Gulak tried to fight out of it, but Corbin countered with a slam, then a one legged crab in the middle of the ring.

Corbin tried to maintain the hold, but Gulak reversed it into a crossface, and then another armbar but Corbin reached the ropes with his legs to break the hold.

Gulak then hit with a pair of dropkicks off the ropes, and then a flying clothseling off the top rope, but Corbin kicked out.

Corbin them his a Deep Six, but Matt Riddle’s music started and Riddle came out to distract Corbin.

Gulak did have a near pinfall with a small package, but Corbin kicked out and Corbin then hit was an End of Days for the pin.

Riddle then shot into the ring and attacked Corbin when the match was over. Riddle hit with a knee, but Shorty G came in and hit Riddle with a rolling German suplex. He and Corbin exchanged smiles as Gabble turns heel.

The two then left the ring together making money signs and Corbin saying it’s his kingdom.

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